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Faculty Members

3.3.1 Authorization of Faculty Tenure-Track Positions

3.3.2 Faculty Hiring Procedure

3.3.3 Academic Ranks

3.3.4 Nontenure Track Faculty Classifications

3.3.5 Distinguished Professors

3.3.6 Academic Department Chairperson Responsibilities, Appointment, Compensation, Terms, Evaluation

3.3.7 Secondary/Outside Employment

3.3.8 Faculty Academic Freedom, Ethics, and Grievance

3.3.8A Academic Freedom, Ethics, and Grievance Committee ("AFEGC")

3.3.8B Types of Cases & Procedures for Cases

3.3.8C Voluntary Conciliation

3.3.8D Hearing Panels, Hearings, Appeals, and Reports

3.3.9 Proceedings in Faculty Academic Freedom, Dismissal, and Nonreappointment Cases

3.3.10 Termination Notification of Faculty

3.3.11 Endowed Chairs and Professorships

3.3.12 - See 1.17 Code of Ethics

3.3.12 A. Appendix to Code of Ethics - Faculty Responsibilities to Students

3.3.12 B. Appendix to Code of Ethics -Consensual Relations in Instructional Settings

  • Note: 3.3.12 B was deleted 5/1/19.  See Policy 3.1.44 Amorous Relations in a University Setting

3.3.12 C. Appendix to Code of Ethics - Involvement in Political Activities

3.3.13 Academic Freedom Policy

3.3.14 University Professor

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