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Faculty Members

3.3.1 Authorization of Faculty Tenure-Track Positions

3.3.2 Faculty Hiring Procedure

3.3.3 Academic Ranks

3.3.4 Nontenure Track Faculty Classifications

3.3.5 Distinguished Professors

3.3.6 Academic Department Chairperson Responsibilities, Appointment, Compensation, Terms, Evaluation

3.3.7 Secondary/Outside Employment

3.3.8 Faculty Academic Freedom, Ethics, and Grievance

3.3.8A Academic Freedom, Ethics, and Grievance Committee ("AFEGC")

3.3.8B Types of Cases & Procedures for Cases

3.3.8C Voluntary Conciliation

3.3.8D Hearing Panels, Hearings, Appeals, and Reports


3.3.10 Termination Notification of Faculty

3.3.11 Endowed Chairs and Professorships

3.3.12 - See 1.17 Code of Ethics

3.3.12 A. Appendix to Code of Ethics - Faculty Responsibilities to Students

3.3.12 B. Appendix to Code of Ethics -Consensual Relations in Instructional Settings

  • Note: 3.3.12 B was deleted 5/1/19.  See Policy 3.1.44 Amorous Relations in a University Setting

3.3.12 C. Appendix to Code of Ethics - Involvement in Political Activities

3.3.13 Academic Freedom Policy

3.3.14 University Professor

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