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Section 2 - Students

2.1.1 Student Records

2.1.2 Eligibility for Student Health Service Benefits

2.1.3 Medical Entrance Requirements for Students

2.1.4 Hepatitis-B Immunizations, as required

2.1.6 Undergraduate Proficiency Examination

2.1.7 College Level Examination Program

2.1.8 Community College and Other Transfer Students

2.1.9 Baccalaureate Degree Programs

2.1.10 Deans' List

2.1.11 Satisfactory Progress Required for Continued Financial Aid Eligibility

2.1.12 Pass/No Pass -- Credit/No Credit Policy

2.1.14 Withdrawal from a Course or Courses

2.1.16 Tuberculosis Screening for International Students

2.1.17 Residency Status

2.1.18 Sexual Assault/Abuse

2.1.19 Verification of Student Identity

2.1.20 Equitable Treatment of Students Participating in University Sponsored Events

2.1.21 Academic Good Standing, Probation, and Reinstatement

2.1.23 Transcripts

2.1.24 Transcript Holds - Deleted

2.1.25 Short-Term Emergency Student Loans

2.1.26 Student Absences Due to Service as a Volunteer Emergency Worker

2.1.27 Student Bereavement Policy

2.1.28 Medical Amnesty and Good Samaritan Policy

2.1.28a Medical Amnesty and Good Samaritan Procedures

2.1.29 Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information

Student Employment

2.2.1 Student Employment

2.2.2 Student Time Card Procedures

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