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5.1.20 Alcohol Policy

Illinois State University is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable venue for educational, public, cultural, entertainment, athletic, and social events.  Individuals who choose to consume alcohol are responsible for their behavior and for following all University procedures and policies.  University Policy 5.1.5 (Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act/Drug-Free Workplace Act) and the Code of Student Conduct address consequences resulting from the misuse or illegal use of alcohol.  Law enforcement may be contacted for suspected violations of state law or University policy.  See Policy 5.1.5 and the Code of Student Conduct for more information.

The sale, delivery, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in or on any property owned or controlled by Illinois State University is prohibited, except as otherwise provided in this policy.

For the purposes of this policy, the term "alcohol beverages" includes only legally produced, commercially available beverages having alcoholic content. All other beverages having an alcohol content shall be strictly prohibited and excluded from the permissible uses under these regulations. 

"Event sponsor/representative" must be a University employee or group of employees who plan the event and are responsible for overseeing the event where alcoholic beverages are being served, sold and/or consumed. 

The following factors must be taken into consideration when determining the procedures for the service or sale of alcoholic beverages in buildings under the control of Illinois State University:

1. Whether the event is a student activity or student-related activity;
2. Whether the physical setting of the event is conducive to control of alcoholic beverages sales and distribution;
3. The ability of the event operator to ensure that the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages and the demeanor of the participants are in accordance with State law and University policies;
4. The anticipated attendees at the event and the relative proportion of individuals under the age of 21 to individuals age 21 or older;
5. The ability of the venue operator to prevent the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages to individuals under the age of 21;
6. Whether the event sponsor prohibits participants from removing alcoholic beverages from the venue; 
7. Whether the event sponsor prohibits participants from providing their own alcoholic beverages to the venue; and
8. Whether the physical set-up of the serving area and/or venue impedes the safe ingress to and/or egress from any building, area, or the ability to safely cross any pedestrian walkway or path.

The following regulations apply whenever alcoholic beverages are served, sold, and/or consumed in buildings or other property owned or under the control of Illinois State University:

1. No student(s), Registered Student Organizations (sponsored or independent) or other student groups will be allowed to hold events where alcoholic beverages are being served, sold and/or consumed in buildings or other property owned or under the control of Illinois State University, except for official University tailgates, which must be held in the University's designated Tent Zone, and will comply with all rules and regulations relating to tailgates. 

2. Event sponsors/representatives must seek written approval from the President for the sale and/or serving of alcoholic beverages at least 14 business days in advance of the event by filling the Alcohol and/or Food Event Approval form.  The request will be reviewed to insure the proposed event meets the requirements of state law and university policies.  There are no standing approvals.

3. Events where sales and/or service of alcoholic beverages occur must be catered by the University's Event Management, Dining and Hospitality Catering (EMDH Catering) personnel or appropriately licensed concession operators, vendors and/or caterers. 

4. EMDH Catering will be responsible to purchasing, facilitating delivery, inventory control, sales and serving of all alcoholic beverages in the Bone Student Center/Bowling & Billiards Center (BSC/BBC). The procedure can be obtained from the BSC Event Planner handling coordination of the event or from the BSC Director's Office. 

5. All concession operators, vendors, and/or caterers must maintain applicable liquor liability insurance with minimum applicable coverage limits (see University Risk Management) so as to hold harmless the Board of Trustees of Illinois State University from all financial loss, damage, or harm. A valid certificate of insurance from the concession operator, vendor or caterer must be submitted to University Risk Management for review/approval before the Alcohol and/or Food Event Approval Form is submitted to the President for approval.

6. No alcoholic beverages shall be sold or served to individuals under 21 years of age or as otherwise prohibited by law, and the sale, delivery, or serving of alcoholic beverages must comply with all other applicable University Policies.

7. Participants may not remove alcoholic beverages from the event. 

8. Participants may not provide their own alcoholic beverages (BYO) at any event, other than University approved tailgates, Illinois Shakespeare Festival at Ewing Manor (to the extent allowed by the City of Bloomington), or as otherwise pre-approved in writing by the President. 

9. The event sponsor/representative and the concession operator, vendor and/or caterer and their staff are responsible for, in accordance with state law and University policies for identifying and/or intervening when a participant should NOT be sold or served alcoholic beverages. 

Time Restrictions

Any event sponsor serving alcohol at events off campus must abide by, and ensure their appropriately licensed concession operator, vendor, and/or caterer abide by any and all state or local laws involving time restrictions. In addition, the following are the minimum standards for time restrictions for retail alcohol sales and non-retail alcohol distribution.  The University may set alternate starting and/or ending times. 

  • Retail Alcohol Sales and Non-Retail Alcohol Distribution may not commence more than sixty (60) minutes prior to the scheduled beginning of any event and will end at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled end of the event.  

Staff Training

All servers and bartenders provided by EMDH Catering, or third party concessions operators, vendors or caterers at events where alcoholic beverages are served, sold and/or consumed must be at least nineteen (19) years of age, and must meet all legally mandated training standards. At a minimum, all individuals serving/selling alcohol must complete an alcohol management training program such as TIPS or BASSETT Training. 


Certain campus Venues have been preapproved as venues suitable for the retail sale and/or non-retail alcoholic distribution of alcohol. Even though a vendor is on the pre-approved list as a venue suitable for the distribution of alcohol, ALL University sponsored events where alcohol will be served or sold require Presidential approval under this Policy.  The Alcohol and/or Food Event Approval Form must be completed and submitted at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the event.

The designation of these approved Venues is based on consideration of:

  • Whether the physical setting is conducive to the control of the sale or distribution of alcohol;
  • Whether the nature of the events or activities that take place in the Venue are compatible with the sale or distribution of alcohol; and 
  • Whether ingress and egress of guests at the venue can be controlled.

The Venues on the Illinois State University campus where alcoholic beverages may be served are:

  • Alumni Center
  • Bone Student Center /Bowling & Billiards Center
  • Center for the Performing Arts (Reception areas only)
  • AFNI Executive Board Room in the State Farm Hall of Business
  • Designated areas of all athletic facilities and venues 
  • Planetarium
  • University Art Galleries
  • Ewing Manor, and
  • University President's Residence, including outdoor areas

Other areas may granted one-time or temporary approval only upon the express written approval of the President of the University. 

Retail Liquor Sales – Weibring Golf Club

  1. Alcoholic beverages are available for sale to any person 21 years of age or older, with appropriate identification, for on-premises consumption only.
  2. Only the appropriately trained Golf Club staff at least nineteen (19) years of age may sell, serve, or otherwise provide alcoholic beverages at the Golf Club.
  3. All alcoholic beverages must be paid for at the time of service and consumption, unless other arrangements have been made with the Golf Club for billing after an event.


The President of Illinois State University is authorized to permit the consumption of alcohol at designated times and in designated areas of the University on days when athletic events take place.

Illinois State University does not condone any act related to the consumption of alcohol that impairs, interferes, or endangers the safety or enjoyment of anyone attending these events, including individuals who choose to consume alcohol.  See Tailgating Procedures located at http://goredbirds.com/sports/2014/4/10/GEN_tailgating.aspx.

Illinois State University Police may be contacted for suspected violations of state law or University policy. 

Residence Halls and Apartment Living

Residence Halls and Cardinal Court

In residence halls and Cardinal Court, the possession and consumption of ANY alcoholic beverages, regardless of the age of the person consuming it, is prohibited, except for live-in staff and their family members/guests. The Director of University Housing Services (or his/her designee) shall provide the guidance necessary for live-in staff to comply with this policy.

University Owned Apartments on Fell and School Streets

The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages by residents and their guests who are 21 years of age or older is permitted within the confines of the individual resident's apartment in University owned apartments on Fell and School Streets (located at 209 and 211 N. Fell Street and 302 N. School Street).  The use of alcoholic beverages shall be considered a privilege and may be allowed only if consistent with State laws and this policy.

Alumni Engagement

Alumni events held on University property must comply with all of the regulations outlined in this policy.

For off campus official Alumni events, alcohol can be served if the events are hosted, sponsored, and/or supported by Illinois State University Alumni Relations and/or the Illinois State University Alumni Association provided the alcohol is served and/or sold by a caterer/restaurant (third party vendor) that is authorized and licensed to serve alcohol. Under no circumstances will "bring your own beer/alcohol" (BYOB) events be allowed.

Funds Used to Purchase Alcoholic Beverages

No University funds (other than Foundation accounts) may be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Failure to Abide by Policy

Failure to abide by the provisions of the University Alcohol Policy may result in the denial of permission to use University property and/or funding for future events as well as other disciplinary and/or legal proceedings as appropriate.

Policy Owner: Office of the President

Contact: Office of the President (309-438-5677)

Revised on: 6/2020

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