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7.4.2 Flow and Review of Grant and Contract Proposals


  • A faculty member, who will personally participate in the project as the Principal Investigator, generally initiates an extramural project. Specific guidelines can be found on the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs website. These guidelines direct the faculty member in the handling of his or her proposal. For additional help, each college has a Research Coordinator to assist and guide the faculty member.
  • The review of the budget will include: all direct and indirect costs; verification that the fringe benefits are reasonably estimated; and verification that all items in the budget conform to policies of the University and the grantor.

The following steps outline how a grant or contract proposal is processed:

  • Principal Investigator- The Principal Investigator works with Research and Sponsored Programs to develop the grant proposal.
  • Research & Sponsored Programs (RSP) - RSP will evaluate the proposal for conformity with agency guidelines and compliance with regulations.  Prior to submission, RSP will electronically route the proposal for approvals to the individuals listed below.  After all approvals are received, RSP will submit the proposal to the sponsor.  The Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies will provide the official signature on behalf of the Board of Trustees.
  • Department Chairperson or School Director (or designee) - The Chairperson's (or Director's) review constitutes an endorsement attesting to: the academic purpose of the proposed research or other sponsored activity, its departmental compatibility, its appropriateness in the context of the budget (cost-sharing commitment, Policy 7.4.6, and release time), and the availability of space and research equipment.
  • Dean of the College (or designee) - The Dean's review relates to the substance and merit of the proposal. It also relates to the budget, the salaries and employment of present and proposed personnel, and any other aspect of the proposal that may affect the teaching, research, and use of space and facilities of the College and the University.
  • Time for Deadlines - Proposals will be processed as quickly as time and conditions permit. Three to five days are normally required to secure signature authority, permit accurate review by RSP, and for packaging and mailing. Principal Investigators must budget sufficient time, considering the review process and delivery, to meet sponsor deadlines.

Coordination with Research and Sponsored Programs

  • RSP is the University's official representative for all grants and contracts.
  • The Comptroller's Office Grants Accounting area works closely with RSP to provide assistance to the University community on administration after awards are received.
  • The Grants Accounting area maintains the financial records. The Grants Accounting area is also responsible for providing accounting information to the fiscal agent, as well as for the completion of all required financial reports.

Initiating body: Division of Finance and Planning

Contact: Comptroller's Office (309-438-5674)

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