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3.2.2 Search Committees


Search committees shall be utilized in searches for major administrative appointments when this is stipulated by policy and in searches for instructional faculty. They need not be utilized in such cases, however, when a position is being filled on an acting or temporary basis due to time constraints. In searches for other administrative and staff positions, the University administration shall utilize search committees if they conclude that this would be appropriate and useful.

However, in all searches for non-instructional employees, and, whenever practicable, for instructional employees as well, search committees shall be directed to provide a list of more than one, and preferably at least three, acceptable candidates from which a final selection can be made. Further, in all instances the role of search committees shall be advisory in character and the final authority to select new employees shall belong to the President as specified by the Board of Trustees.

See Policy 3.4.13 Use of External Search Firms

Initiating body: Board of Trustees

Contact: Office of the President (309-438-5677)

Reviewed: 01/2015

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