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3.1.4 Administrative Increment


When an employee is temporarily assigned additional duties, a temporary salary increase, referred to as an administrative increment, may be implemented. Administrative increments may be used for positions containing the term "acting" in the title and for employees who are assigned additional duties, duties of a higher level, or for individuals serving as administrators of externally funded projects.

There is no fixed amount designated for the administrative increment. The amount of the increment shall be based on the availability of funds and must be approved by the appropriate staff administrator.

Appointments of faculty to administrative assignments not having the term "acting" in the title are to be made in accordance with the policy for Assignment of Persons Holding Faculty Rank to Administrative or Other Nondepartmental Positions.

Administrators of externally funded research projects are eligible to receive an administrative increment during the months of external funding. This increment must be approved and paid for by the funding agency. 

Recommendations for administrative increments for  Administrative/Professional and Civil Service employees are forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for approval and implementation.

Initiating body: Vice President and Provost

Contact: Human Resources (309-438-8311)

Revised on: 02/2007

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