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3.1.13 Illinois State University Domestic Partner Benefits Policy


Illinois State University extends recognition of any domestic partnership meeting the eligibility criteria (regardless of the gender of the employee or their partner) and offers certain benefits to domestic partners of Illinois State University employees.

The benefits that are provided through this policy are those controlled solely by Illinois State University and are listed below. Benefits provided by any third party are not included in this policy. Benefits provided by the State of Illinois will be administered in accordance with the State Employee's Group Insurance Program (SEGIP).

The University requires documentation of a relationship consistent with documentation requirements in place for spouses and step-children. Employees who wish to be considered for use of the Domestic Partner Benefit Policy must show proof of domestic partnership status by completing the "Illinois State University Statement of Domestic Partnership" and submitting it to Human Resource. The statement and the information obtained will be kept confidential insofar as the law allows.

The following is a list of benefits controlled solely by Illinois State University that will be extended to qualified domestic partners and their children (children of a domestic partner who is not an employee at Illinois State University will be considered as step-children of the employee for the purposes of this policy).

Tuition Waiver for Children: Children of a domestic partner are eligible for a tuition waiver at Illinois State University, subject to meeting all conditions stipulated in that policy. Please refer to Policy 3.1.12 Federal Family and Medical Leave

Family Medical Leave Act Leave:FMLA leave is available to care for a domestic partner or children of a domestic partner subject to meeting all conditions stipulated in that policy. Please refer to Policy 3.2.7 Sick Leave.

Sick Leave: Employees may use sick leave when their presence is required due to the illness of a domestic partner or biological or adopted children of a domestic partner.

Bereavement Leave: Under the University's Bereavement Leave policy, domestic partners will be considered spouses and children of domestic partners will be considered step-children. Please refer to Policy 3.1.11 Leave of Absence

Wellness Participating: Wellness-sponsored programs that are open to family members are open to domestic partners and their children. Please refer to Policy 3.1.36 Wellness Participation

Use of Milner Library:University employees, their spouses or domestic partners, may use this facility upon presentation of a valid employee or other identification card.

Use of Recreation Services/Facilities:Family members, including domestic partners, of employees are eligible to participate in activities if they purchase a household user pass.

Termination of Domestic Partnership Status

If there is any change in status as domestic partners, the employee agrees to notify Human Resources within thirty (30) days of such change by filing a statement of Termination of Domestic Partnership, which will make the domestic partner no longer eligible for University sponsored benefits.

Policy Owner: Human Resources

Contact: Human Resources (309-438-8311)

Revised on: 12/2021

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