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4.1.4 Dress Codes

Illinois State University values freedom of expression as a core principle of the University but recognizes that standards of dress and/or grooming are appropriate in certain specific circumstances. There is no university-wide dress code, but units may set standards with attention to the Student Bill of Rights and in accordance with the following broad principles.

  • Dress codes should be developed in fair and open consultation with all affected groups.
  • Dress codes must be specifically tailored to the individual course to which they apply and may not be of general applicability.
  • Dress codes may be applied in specific circumstances (e.g., clinical settings; performance or presentation; in compliance with OSHA, K-12 policies for work in schools; health departments; other external standards; for reasons of safety.) Dress codes should be relevant to program-specific academic performance, as defined within the Faculty Code of Ethics Policy 3.3.12A (6).
  • To the extent possible, dress codes should impact all groups evenly regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.
  • Policies should make clear the underlying purpose of the dress code.
  • Any penalty for non-compliance should be clearly stated with an opportunity for appeal.

Initiating body: Academic Senate

Contact: Academic Senate (309-438-8735)

Reviewed on: 03/2013

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