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9.8.5 Procedures for Non-Affiliated Individuals Requesting Access

I. Introduction

Individuals who are not University faculty, staff, students, emeritus faculty, or retired staff are considered non-affiliated individuals. Non-affiliated individuals granted access to ISU Information Technology Resources and Systems are responsible for using these resources and systems in an effective, ethical, and lawful manner. In addition, the use of ISU Information Technology Resources and Systems by non-affiliated individuals is subject to all applicable state and federal laws, as well as all University policies. The University reserves the right to deny any request, restrict access, or remove a nonaffiliated individual's account or access.

II. Approved Method for Requesting Access

Non-affiliated individuals requesting access to University Information Systems and Technology must be sponsored by a faculty or staff member.

Faculty or staff members seeking to sponsor a non-affiliated individual must direct requests to the owner of the service, resource, or system for which they desire access. The owner of the service, resource or system will provide the sponsor with the requirements needed to access the system. These requirements shall include at a minimum;

The non-Affiliated individual's identification and contact information.Any agreements that need to be acknowledged by the non-affiliate.The account duration.

All non-affiliated individuals shall acknowledge an agreement governing the proper use, protection, and security of the information being provided and establishing the length of time for which access will be granted.

A sponsored account must be renewed at a minimum yearly. The Security Administrator for the service, resource, or system for which access has been granted will contact the sponsor when renewal is necessary. If the sponsor cannot be reached, the sponsored account will be disabled.

III. Responsibilities

The sponsor must agree to maintain contact information for non-affiliated parties. The sponsor assumes responsibility for the use of non-affiliated accounts created for them. and all activity occurring from those accounts. This does not relieve any responsibility from the non-affiliated parties given access to the sponsored account by the sponsor, but instead requires that the sponsor assume responsibility for any and all consequences resulting from misuse of the non-affiliated account.

The sponsor agrees to make the non-affiliated parties aware that their use of the sponsored account is governed by all University policies and that use of the sponsored account automatically implies agreement with these policies by both the sponsor and the non-affiliated parties.

Last Review: July 2013