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9.5.2 Procedures for Establishing Essential Elements in University Websites with a Public Presence

I. Introduction

The following procedures address essential elements that must be included in the creation of all University websites with a public presence. These elements are designed to meet legal requirements and to help insure that these websites represent Illinois State University in the most positive and professional way possible.

II. Definition of Public Presence

A University website with a public presence is defined as any website which represent to the public as reflecting operational functions, products or services associated with Illinois State University. Any website developed by a College, School/Department, Division, Unit, Office, Academic Program, Center, News Service, Special Public Event, Faculty, Registered Student Organization or which is related to any Illinois State University entity is also considered to have a public presence.

III. Essential for Websites with a Public Presence

  • All web pages must contain the iGuide as distributed by Web Support.
  • All web pages must conform to all Illinois State University’s policies and procedures, including the Appropriate Use Policy and the Visual Identity Standards available at
  • All web pages must comply with Section 508 U.S. Rehabilitation Act guidelines and the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA). See Procedures for Meeting Website Accessibility Requirements (9.5.3).
  • It is strongly suggested that any site falling within the Illinois State University Web presence be hosted with an on-campus server located in a secure data center. Please contact with any questions regarding site hosting.
  • All websites displaying and returning personal information must first consult with that information’s data custodian, as well as submit their site’s plan to the Associate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer for review to ensure that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), campus network security, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, and other privacy policies are met prior to developing the site/page.
  • All websites with a public presence must contain a link in the footer of the website that will redirect the user to the most current University Web Privacy Notices and Practices Statement. See Procedures for University Web Privacy Notices and Practices (9.5.5).
  • For the purposes of interoperability, ownership of information, and transfer of support, it is recommended sites representing Illinois State University be housed on University servers. Exceptions can be made in cases of unique functionality. Contact Web Support or Telecommunications for exception requests.
  • To ensure that websites with a public presence continue to adhere to changes in law and University Policies and Procedures it is strongly recommended that development, support and training activities be coordinated with University Web Support Staff.

Last Review: January 2011