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9.5.1 Procedures for Establishing a Web Presence and Domain Names

I. Introduction

Illinois State University owns the Internet address space identified as  The Telecommunications and Networking office has registered this space as ilstu.edu with an Internet Domain Registrar.  For its primary Web identity, Illinois State has registered the following names: ilstu.edu, ilstu.com, ilstu.net, ilstu.org, illinoisstate.edu, illinoisstate.net, and illinoisstate.org.

Illinois State’s domain name server (DNS) table matches Internet Protocol numbers (IP#s) with Website addresses (URLs).  The DNS resolves names and network addresses to destinations on and off campus.  Telecommunications and Networking is responsible for implementing and maintaining the DNS for all systems connected to the campus network.  All top level University Websites have a unique DNS entry (see current zone list).  Generally, domain names are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  

A typical DNS entry’s URL looks like this: www.zone.ilstu.edu. The “zone” is a predefined three-letter acronym (i.e., coe, cob, art, etc.).  Within a predefined zone, an acronym may be used in place of the www.

II. Standard Illinois State University Web Addresses

The main Websites for colleges, academic departments, programs, and organizational units shall have this naming structure: www.zone.ilstu.edu. Other hosts within that group shall be named:  hostname.zone.ilstu.edu.  The word “zone” shall be replaced with the appropriate designation for the group. This will follow popular use and/or a three-letter acronym (i.e., mcn for the College of Nursing).  

Resources maintained centrally and independent of any department may reside in the campus domain of ilstu.edu. These would be hosts assigned directly to this domain (mail.ilstu.edu, www.ilstu.edu, support.ilstu.edu). To register a host within the campus domain of ilstu.edu and not a departmental zone, see http://ctsg.illinoisstate.edu/: Forms, DNS Requests. Only resources that serve the entire campus community are typically allowed within the campus domain. 

III. Custom Illinois State University Web Addresses

For the purposes of marketing and communicating with our Web audience, it may be advisable to use custom Web addresses. An example of this type of address is http://history.illinoisstate.edu/.  This address is outside the usual zone naming structure mentioned above. Unusual name requests, circumstances, and issues will be referred to the WebPAC committee and, if needed, appealed to the Associate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer.

In theory, there is no limit to the number of entries allowed in the DNS table, but in practice, a DNS table with outdated and non-functional entries is inefficient and difficult to maintain.  Therefore, it is imperative that domain names and Web addresses be put on a two-year lease cycle similar to the industry standard.  Any DNS entries not renewed will be purged from the DNS table.  Telecommunications and Networking, in conjunction with Web Support is charged with developing a procedure to register DNS names and notify users that their lease is about to expire. This procedure will be applied to all new DNS entries and is to be phased in for existing entries.

To register domain names see http://ctsg.illinoisstate.edu/ Forms, DNS Requests. Technology representatives must make these requests. In some cases, a Department Dean or Unit Director must provide a rational for the new name.

Grants with Illinois State University Web Addresses

  • The following questions will be added to the University Research Office grant blue sheet for University Web resources: 
  • Will your grant require a Web presence?
  • Will this Website be hosted on an Illinois State University server?
  • Will your Website require a Custom Web Address?
  • Will your Website require design and coding from Illinois State University personnel?

Faculty and Staff Web Sponsorship

Faculty and staff members may sponsor a Website for mission-related organizations (does not include Websites for individual classes).  Sponsorship requires approval of sponsoring department or unit. Sponsoring a site at Illinois State (host has an Illinois State IP#) requires supervision and frequently a financial commitment. The University will maintain supervision of the technological resources being used by a sponsored organization, but this will not adversely impact network resources.  The “sponsor” shall be the primary contact for Illinois State service personnel when they are dealing with the hosted site.  This sponsor shall also be accountable for the content and management of the Website. Sponsors and the sponsored organization must agree to abide by the Appropriate Use Policies of Illinois State University. 

The Web address should include one of the Illinois State University primary Web identities. If the Web address does not include one of the Illinois State University primary Web identities (a non-Illinois State domain name), the Website should include an official Illinois State “hosted by” graphic (this can be obtained from Web Support). Unusual name requests, circumstances, and issues will be referred to the WebPAC committee and, if needed, appealed to the Associate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer.

If the Web address requires a non-Illinois State external Web address, Telecommunications and Networking must register and administer the external Web address. See: Non-Illinois State University (External) Web Addresses.

Non-Illinois State University (External) Web Addresses

In rare cases, Illinois State groups may purchase external DNS names with the assistance of Telecommunications and Networking. Telecommunications and Networking must register and administer all external Web addresses that point to an Illinois State IP# (see DNS Request Form at http://ctsg.illinoisstate.edu/).  Contact Telecommunications and Networking prior to attempting to register a name with an Internet Domain Registrar, since transferring ownership is difficult and time consuming.  All non-Telecommunications and Networking registered domain names will be blocked.

Requests for external Web addresses must be approved by the Associate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and the Vice Presidents, as outlined in the University policies.

WWW.IllinoisState.edu Web Addresses

Colleges and University level initiatives shall also have the option of an additional name: the last name of the college (i.e., business) used along with the new domain name IllinoisState.edu. This address would not require a separate DNS entry and would be hosted on the main Illinois State Web server (

Some of the sites currently using this new domain name include:

Registered Student Organizations Web Addresses

The Office of Student Life administers Web space for Registered Student Organizations (RSO). RSO’s can learn more about web space at www.deanofstudents.ilstu.edu or by contacting the Student Involvement Center. Students also have personal Web space on the University server under their ~ULID folder and blog space at my.ilstu.edu/ulid. Students and student organizations will not be given entries in the DNS table.

IV. Sites that Advertise & E-commerce

Illinois State University will allow e-commerce and advertising on Websites under specific policies and procedures. Websites that take advantage of this option will be limited to the address format www.name.ilstu.org. At this time, the use of other extensions, such as .net, .com, .biz, etc., is not allowed. All credit card transactions must take place on a single University approved secure server. The Comptroller’s Office oversees the creation of all forms requiring online credit card transactions. To learn more go to http://www.comptroller.ilstu.edu/a-z/PCIComplianceInformation.shtml

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