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9.4.3 Procedures for Low Voltage Media Installations

I. Introduction

Telecommunications and Networking is responsible for the coordination and implementation of on-campus low voltage media installations. University departments planning to install low voltage media should contact Telecommunications and Networking for coordination and implementation assistance.

Telecommunications and Networking provides University departments with a single point of contact for all installation of building and/or building-to-building wiring. Actual installation of low voltage media may be performed by Telecommunications and Networking, Facilities Management or external contractors as the availability of staff and appropriate skills allow. Coordination with Telecommunications and Networking will insure the integration of a University department's individual installation with other University facilities and future University networking plans.

II. Departmental Responsibilities

University departments should contact Telecommunications and Networking for the following activities:

  1. Installation of additional telephone, data, or video facilities
  2. Installation of special information circuits and other building systems that convey information including voice, data, video, control and audio
  3. Connection of departmental equipment to the University's telecommunications and network infrastructure
  4. Telecommunications and network installations for all new construction or remodeling projects

Installation will be charged to the department on a time and material basis, or on a flat rate basis, depending upon the nature of the work to be performed.

III. Special Situations

Some University departments, with high levels of expertise in data wiring at the building level, may have requirements to reconfigure their internal networks on a regular basis. These departments, with the approval of Telecommunications and Networking, may contact Facilities Management to install and maintain special building data wiring. Such installations will be separate and independent from the University's telecommunications and network infrastructure, and will not have access to wall or floor outlets, conduits, and floor distribution closets. Any harm or disturbance to other networks, traceable to user-installed wiring, will require the offending network to be disconnected until the problem has been corrected. Telecommunications and Networking will not support nor maintain nonstandard data wiring networks that do not conform to the University's uniform wiring plan.

Last Review: May 2007