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2.2.1 Student Employment



All student employees must be enrolled at Illinois State University and remain enrolled for at least half-time during the semester of employment.  Per the State Universities Civil Service System Statute 250.70(e)(3) the student must be enrolled:

  • Fall/Spring semesters: 6 undergraduate credit hours, or 5 graduate credit hours
  • Summer sessions: 3 undergraduate credit hours, or 3 graduate credit hours

However, if the student was enrolled at Illinois State University at least half-time during the spring semester and/or is enrolled at least half-time for the upcoming fall semester, the student does not have to be enrolled for the summer session in order to work on campus.  All credit hours must be earned at Illinois State University; credit hours at another college or university are not applicable. 

Students not meeting the minimum hour requirement may apply for a minimum hour exemption through Human Resources.  The exemption must be approved by the Associate Vice President of Human Resources and the State Universities Civil Service System Office before the student is allowed to work. 

The above-mentioned rules also apply for international students. At the same time, international students, depending on the type of visa they hold, may be required to hold full-time student status during the fall and spring semesters. As such, they should consult with their advisors regarding their visa requirements before applying for employment on campus. 

Additional information regarding eligibility, positions available and compensation may be found  on the Human Resources website at https://hr.illinoisstate.edu or by contacting Human Resources at (309)438-8311.

Policy Owner: Payroll

Contact: Human Resources (309)438-8311      

Revised on: 02/2019

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