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2.1.6 Undergraduate Proficiency Examination

Departmental Proficiency Examinations

Departmental proficiency examinations are offered in most 100-level and in a limited number of 200-level courses. The purpose of the examinations are to allow students to receive credit for knowledge acquired previously and to allow students to enroll in more advanced courses or to add breadth to their academic programs. Proficiency examinations are optional and recommended only for students who are unusually skilled in the discipline in which the examination is taken. Specific information about the nature of a given examination should be obtained directly from the appropriate departmental or school office. Below are University guidelines and procedures relating to proficiency examinations:

  1. The nature and content of each proficiency examination shall be determined by the department or school in which the course is offered. Standards of performance required for receiving credit in a given course also shall be determined by the department/school offering the course; the level and quality of work required for satisfactory performance on a proficiency examination is equivalent to that required for a grade of C in the course.
  2. Academic departments may provide proficiency examinations in most 100-level courses that are regularly listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. Students will find a list of courses in which proficiency examinations are offered from the Office of the University Registrar.
  3. A description of each proficiency examination should be available in the department or school offering the examination. Students should contact the appropriate department chairperson or school director for information about a specific examination, including qualifying experiences.
  4. All Illinois State University students are eligible to take proficiency examinations.
  5. Letter grades will not be assigned for proficiency examinations; therefore, the GPA will not be affected.
  6. Credit earned in proficiency examinations may not be used to raise grades or remove failures in courses in which a student has been enrolled previously.
  7. No course credit will be awarded for a proficiency examination which is at a lower level than a course previously enrolled in or one that substantially duplicates the content of a course taken previously.
  8. Students may take a proficiency examination only once.
  9. Students may register for only one departmental proficiency examination each semester unless examinations are approved in writing by the chairs or directors of the departments/schools where the courses are being offered.
  10. Students with disabilities should notify the appropriate departmental office of the need for any special accommodations prior to the date of the examination.
  11. Students should register for an examination online at the Office of the University Registrar.
  12. Responsibility for the supervision and administration of the proficiency examination program shall rest with the University Registrar or his or her designee.

Advanced Placement Program

A student who has taken Advanced Placement Program examinations should request that his or her scores be sent to the University Registrar at Illinois State University. A list of the accepted Advanced Placement Program Examinations, scores needed for credit as well as what course will be awarded for the proficiency can be found online in the Undergraduate Catalog

Credit for Military Service

Students who have served at least one year of active duty and received an honorable discharge may receive six semester hours of elective credit. To qualify for this credit, a copy of the DD214 should be presented with the application for admission.

Initiating body: Academic Senate

Contact: Office of the University Registrar (309-438-2188)

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