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2.1.4 Hepatitis-B Immunizations


Illinois State University is committed to providing a safe environment for students attending the University. In those situations where the health risk to students may be increased due to participation in an academic program, the University will require that all possible steps be taken to safeguard the health of students.

All students enrolled in academic courses which result in an increased risk of contracting Hepatitis-B shall be immunized against this disease prior to potential exposure.


Students enrolled in designated programs shall be immunized against Hepatitis-B. Programs will be identified and designated with the approval of the Dean of the College.

Students will be required to received the series of three injections of Hepatitis-B vaccine (presently over a period of six months). At least two injections of Hepatitis-B vaccine must be received prior to any potential exposure in courses and/or field experiences.

In some cases students may decline the Hepatitis-B vaccine.  To obtain more information about this option students should contact their Department Chairperson.

The Department Chairperson is responsible for notifying students of this requirement.

Students enrolling in other programs at the University may be required to be immunized against Hepatitis-B after recommendation by the Department Chairperson and Dean and approval by the Provost.

Students will be required to pay for the Hepatitis-B vaccine plus the cost of administration. If funds are available through the University, they may be used to pay for all or a portion of the costs.

Students may receive the vaccine at the Student Health Service or from another health care provider of their choice. Students who choose to receive the Hepatitis-B vaccine off-campus or who have already been immunized will be required to show proof to the Student Health Service staff who, in turn, will notify the Department.

When a student has fulfilled the Hepatitis-B requirement, the Student Health Service may notify the Department upon request and the student has signed a release of information.

Exceptions to the policy (e.g., medical contraindications) will be made only by the Student Health Service Medical Director.

Initiating body: Student Health Services and Selected Department Chairs

Contact: Student Health Services (309-438-8655)

Revised on: 01/2002

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