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2.1.30 Excused Student Absences Due to Communicable Disease

If a student is required to be absent from class because of a required self-isolation or quarantine based on the directive of a public health official or health provider for a reason related to a communicable disease, the absence from class will be considered excused.

Each of the student's instructors will provide reasonable modifications/extensions for completing missed exams, quizzes, and other required work. In courses that allow dropping a low grade or grades, instructor must offer the student reasonable modifications/extensions for making up work missed and may not require that missed work be counted as the low grade to be dropped.

For the absence to be excused the student must provide appropriate documentation of a required quarantine/self-isolation to Student Health Services within 5 business days of notification of the directive and arrange to complete missed classroom work as soon as possible. Ultimately, students are responsible for material covered in class.

Documentation and Process

The student will provide appropriate documentation of the requirement to Student Health Services within five business days of notification of the directive and this information will be relayed to the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office will send a notice to each instructor noting that the absence is excused by Student Health Services and include an anticipated period of time for the absence to continue to be excused. This notice will not include any protected health information. Once a student is released from this requirement, they will provide documentation to Student Health Services, who will provide information to Dean of Students. The Dean of Students will send a notice of release to return to class to each instructor of the affected student.


If the student is not satisfied with the modifications/extensions by the instructor or if the instructor fails to make modifications/extensions for the student, the student should follow the Complaint Resolution Process found at: https://illinoisstate.edu/complaint-resolution/.

Initiating body: Provost's Office and Dean of Students Office

Contact: Dean of Students Office, 438-2008

Implemented  on: 07/2020

2020-07-28T11:34:52.9-05:00 2020