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2.1.23 Transcripts


The Office of the University Registrar is solely responsible for filling transcript requests.

When the Registrar's Office receives a transcript request, the student's record will be reviewed for any transcript holds, whether financial or administrative. If a hold exists, the transcript will not be released. In the case of a financial hold, the student must contact Student Accounts (if enrolled) or University Collections (if not enrolled) and resolve the delinquency.  For an administrative hold, the student may or may not be required to take action to remove the hold. If the hold is removed, the transcript can be released, and the student will be charged the transcript fee. If the hold is not removed, the request will be cancelled, and the student will not be charged for the transcript or will be issued a refund if the payment had already processed. 


Initiating body:

Vice President for Finance and Planning 

Office of the University Registrar


Student Accounts (309-438-5643)

University Collections (309-438-3347)

Office of the University Registrar (309-438-2188)

Revised on: 09/2018

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