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2.1.21 Undergraduate Academic Standing, Probation, and Reinstatement

Academic Good Standing

To maintain Academic Good Standing, a student must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. The number of credit hours completed includes all college-level coursework done by the student. However, only the grades earned at Illinois State are used in computing a student’s GPA.

For satisfactory progress for financial aid purposes, see Satisfactory Progress Policy in the Undergraduate Catalog (Policy 2.1.11 Satisfactory Academic Progress Required for Continued Financial Aid Eligibility). Academic Good Standing status is necessary for continued enrollment in the University and may be necessary for eligibility to serve on various University committees, for continued financial aid, and for participation in some co-curricular activities.

The University evaluates academic standing for an undergraduate student based upon cumulative GPA at the end of each enrollment period: fall semester, spring semester, and summer session. Academic Good Standing status does not guarantee admission to, or retention in, specific departments, schools, or programs. Information concerning admission to and retention in specific programs is listed in the Undergraduate Catalog under the appropriate department, school, or program descriptions.

Academic Probation

When a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.00 on a 4.00 scale, they are placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation are required to participate in “Project Success”—a program designed to assist students in returning to Academic Good Standing. Information about Academic Probation and “Project Success” can be obtained from University College, 324 Fell Hall, Campus Box 4060, at http://universitycollege.illinoisstate.edu/help/probation, or at (309) 438-3217.

Academic Dismissal

At the end of any semester, except for summer session, when a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.00 for a second or subsequent time, they are dismissed from the University. If a student receives such notice, they will be advised regarding the academic reinstatement policy and credit-transfer options towards reinstatement.

Academic Reinstatement

A student dismissed from the University may petition the Reinstatement Committee for permission to continue. University College will send petition information to the student’s mailing address and university e-mail address. A student’s failure to file a petition for reinstatement within the provided deadlines will result in cancellation of their current registration and/or prohibit registration for subsequent semesters. Additionally, a student can access petition information via My.IllinoisState.edu or by visiting University College’s website at http://universitycollege.illinoisstate.edu/help/dismissal/.

Reinstatement and Readmission after Dismissal

After a student has been academically dismissed from Illinois State University and has not been enrolled at Illinois State University for a complete fall or spring semester, a student may petition for reinstatement. Petitioning to return to Illinois State University involves the following: 

  1. Meeting university-wide readmission requirements and deadlines; and
  2. Being reinstated by the University Reinstatement Committee

Application procedures, reinstatement information, and deadlines can be found at University College’s website at http://universitycollege.illinoisstate.edu/help/dismissal/. Reinstated students are required to participate in programs designed to assist students in returning to Academic Good Standing.

If a student attends any other higher-education institution after dismissal from Illinois State University, they must indicate such attendance on the readmission application and provide an official transcript from the other school(s). At a minimum, a student must have earned a C average (2.00/4.00) or higher for all coursework taken since last attending Illinois State University and have been in Academic Good Standing at the last institution attended as a full- or part-time student. A reinstatement counseling session will be made available to students who have questions about the reinstatement policy and/or who would like to apply for reinstatement.

If a student leaves the University after being placed on academic probation, readmission to the University is evaluated to determine the best path to graduation.

Repeated failures to do satisfactory work may result in permanent exclusion from the University.

Policy Owner: Enrollment Management & Academic Services

Contact: University College (309-438-3217)

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