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2.1.2 Eligibility for Student Health Service Benefits


  1. Individuals enrolled at Illinois State University for one or more credit hours of on-campus instruction automatically pay a health fee. This fee covers the cost of most services available in the Student Health Service to the beginning of the next semester or summer session.
  2. Regardless of their summer enrollment status, students who pay a spring semester health fee and indicate an intent to return for fall semester classes may receive Student Health Service benefits during the summer on a prepaid or fee-for-service basis.
  3. Students who take all courses as audits without credit including students working on master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation may receive Student Health Service benefits on a prepaid or fee-for-service basis. The Student Health Service must be receive prepayment by the fifteenth day during fall and spring semesters and by the eighth day in the summer.
  4. A medical history must be filed with the Student Health Service prior to or on the first service visit.

Non-ISU Students

Students from other post-secondary institutions for whom a specific service agreement has been formalized are eligible to receive student health services.

Faculty and Staff

The following services are provided for University employees:

  1. Treatment of on-the-job injuries and occupational illnesses under provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act.
  2. Occupational screenings and immunizations are available for a fee which has been negotiated between the Student Health Service and various departments within the University.
  3. Immunizations, including but not limited to, those needed to meet ISU student enrollment requirements, international travel and allergy desensitization injections.
  4. Visiting scholars are eligible for services upon payment of a Student Health Service fee.
  5. First aid only will be provided for all other types of illnesses and injuries.

University Guests and Visitors

Service is limited to first aid for injuries sustained on campus. Additional services may be obtained for members of special groups (clinics, workshops, sports camps, etc.) by prior arrangement with the Student Health Service.

Exceptions will be made for:

  1. Preview students who will be provided services while on campus.
  2. Family members of Preview students and family members of Illinois State University students who will be provided services and assessed fee-for-service charges.

Spouse/Domestic Partner of Students

Spouse/Domestic Partner of students are entitled to services under the following circumstances:

  1. The student is enrolled and assessed a health fee.
  2. The additional health fee for the spouse/domestic partner is paid by the fifteenth calendar day of classes.
  3. The spouse/domestic partner  files a medical history with the Student Health Service on or before his/her first service visit.

NOTE: First aid is the administration, by a nurse, of emergency assistance to individuals who have been injured or otherwise disabled, prior to transportation to a hospital or other medical facility.

First aid is simple, temporary measures for basis stabilization of a wound, limb or person, etc. Examples of first aid measures include, but are not limited to, pressure bandaging, application of ice, flushing (e.g., body parts), provision of basic life support (in this instance, a physician would be present until patient released to emergency transport personnel).

Initiating body: Health Service

Contact: Health Service (309-438-8655)

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