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2.1.16 Tuberculosis Screening for International Students

Mandatory Screening

  • All international students must be screened for freedom from tubercular disease (TB) when possible within 10 days of arrival on the ISU campus.
  • Persons in this group include but are not limited to students with citizenship code 3.

Deadlines and Consequences of Failure to Meet Freedom From Tubercular Disease Requirements

  • Any student who has not complied with the immunization requirements by the 15th calendar day of his/her entering semester will be charged a non-compliance fee and blocked from registering for subsequent semesters. 

More detailed information can be found at the Student Health Service website at shs.ilstu.edu or by calling 309-438-7559.

Initiating body: Student Health Services

Contact: Director of Student Health (309-438-6855)

Revised on: 08/2011

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