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2.1.12 Pass/No Pass - Credit/No Credit Policy


Credit/No Credit Courses

Certain courses in the University are offered on a Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) basis only.  For these courses, students receive a grade of CR (Credit) or NC (No Credit).  The offering of a particular course on a CR/NC basis only must be approved in advance by the Office of the Provost.

At the graduate level, workshops, Institutes and Professional Practice may be offered as graduate courses on a Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) basis.  For these courses, students receive a grade of CR (Credit) or NC (No Credit).  Departments may offer 393. 397. 429X, 493 and 498 on a CR/NC basis with approval in advance by the Department and the Graduate School.  CR/NC courses cannot be computed in the GPA.  To count towards a graduate degree program, CR/NC courses must be approved through the curricular process.

Credit/No Credit Option (Pass/No Pass Option):

Note:  In the Campus Solutions student information system implemented in 2015 as well as in the 2015 supplement to the catalog, the CT/NC terminology will be replaced by P/NP.

Students eligible to choose the CT/NC (P/NP) option:  An undergraduate student (except a first-semester freshman) who is not on academic probation may choose to register in some courses under the credit/no credit (pass/no pass) option that allows the student to be graded on the basis of CT/P or NC/NP rather than on the basis of A, B, C, D, or F grades.

Grading and Grade Point Average:  A grade of CT/P is recorded when the grade submitted by the instructor is A, B, or C.  A grad of NC/NP is recorded when the grade submitted by the instructor is D or F.  Although an entry of CT/P or NC/NP will be entered on the student's record, these entries are not used in computing the student's GPA.

Courses not eligible to be taken CT/NC (P/NP):  The CT/NC (P/NP) option is designed to encourage students to enroll in courses they otherwise would not take.  Some courses, therefore, including those in a student's major or minor, may not be taken on the CT/NC (P/NP) option.  Exceptions include courses in the student's major or minor field that are offered only as credit/no credit (CR/NC) courses.  No Inner Core or Middle Core or Group 1 course in the General Education Program may be taken under the CT/NC (P/NP) option.

Limitation on number of hours:  No more than six semester hours of work under the CT/NC (P/NP) option may be taken each semester, with a maximum of 25 semester hours under the CT/NC (P/NP) option presented for graduation.

Registration for CT/NC (P/NP) option:  Students electing the CT/NC (P/NP) option should do so as part of the regular registration process.  Students may not elect the option after the tenth day of classes in the semester.  Students who have elected the CT/NC (P/NP) option may return to the letter basis of grading on or before the last date for withdrawing from a course, as specified on the Registrar's Website at www.registrar.ilstu.edu 



Initiating body: Academic Senate (formerly University Council)

Contact: Vice President and Provost (309-438-7018)

Revised on: 4/2015

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