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8.3.4 Mail Services - General Policies

Charge Slips

Charge slips are generated and distributed to mailers, free of charge, by the Mail Service Center. Copying or duplicating charge slips is prohibited. Charge slips are required on outgoing mail for accounting purposes. Departments are responsible for the separation of mail by account number. Only ONE charge slip is necessary for each account number. When multiple accounts are used by one department indicate which account number is to be charged on each mail bundle. If the Mail Service Center receives mail without a charge slip or bundles of mail that do not indicate the account number to be charged, the mail will be returned to sender.

COD (cash on delivery)

COD service is not available.

Complaints or Concerns

Mail Service Center would like to give adequate thought to responses to complaints and/or concerns regarding mail issues. Complaints and/or concerns should be in writing (e-mail, fax, or campus mail) and addressed to the Director or Supervisor of the Mail Service Center, Campus Box 1500.

Containers for Mail Transport

The Mail Service Center stores and supplies users with postal mail tubs and trays. Mail can only be accepted in containers approved by the Mail Service Center.

Corporate Account Numbers

Corporate Account Numbers are used for Express/Ground United Parcel Service (UPS), and express services for FEDEX, AIRBORNE, and the U.S. Postal Service.

University departments or organizations are prohibited from establishing a unique account number for university use. Contact Mail Services for Corporate University Account Numbers.

Delivery Locations

A mail delivery and collection point has been established in each University building. The Mail Service Center will deliver and collect mail to/from the delivery point. Departments are responsible for distributing mail within their unit. Outgoing mail is to be deposited no later than 9:00 a.m.at the same location for collection by the Mail Service Center staff. Mail is delivered and collected in the morning. A second pick up is scheduled in the afternoon at Hovey and Degarmo Hall at 1:00 PM. Mail staff delivers Monday through Friday with the exception of University holidays.

Forwarding and Return to Sender Mail

Mail Service Center does not provide forwarding or return services. Individual departments are responsible for all forwarding and/or return to sender mail. This applies to mail received with incorrect addresses, individuals on sabbatical, leave of absence, or former employees.

Student mail forwarding is the responsibility of University Housing Services.

Hazardous and Radioactive Material

NO HAZARDOUS AND/OR RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL OR EMPTY CONTAINERS IS HANDLED BY MAIL SERVICES. Contact Environmental Health and Safety for shipping instructions. Hazardous material is defined as any material classified by the USPS or Department of Transportation as Hazardous Material.

Holding Mail

The Mail Service Center will hold mail temporarily for departments, not individuals. Notify the Mail Service Center in writing prior to the effective date.

Loss or Damage

The Mail Service Center is not responsible for any damage, loss, or delay of incoming or outgoing mail.

Mail Codes

Mail Codes are four digit numbers, which represent a department's mail delivery location. Their use allows mail to be processed efficiently, accurately, and quickly. All university mail (campus, incoming, outgoing) requires a correct Mail Code and department name. Addresses that do not include a correct Mail Code and/or a department name will be returned to the sender for correction.

All Mail Codes are assigned and authorized by the Mail Service Center. The assignment of new Mail Codes are based on the dept./org. receiving an average 25 pieces of mail daily or a move to a new location with no Mail Code assigned.

Mail Retrieval

Once a mail item is in the possession of the University Mail Service Center, the mail item is considered processed. Retrieval of mail items, which includes campus, incoming, and outgoing mail items from the Mail Service Center, is not feasible. The sender may attempt retrieval from the intended addressee after delivery has been completed.

Payroll Checks

The Mail Service Center delivers payroll checks under the procedures developed by both the Mail Service Center and Payroll Office.

Perishable Mail

A refrigerator is located in the Mail Service Center for the storage of items that require refrigeration. Items that arrive outside normal business hours will be delivered to the Police Department, who will then place the item in the Mail Service Center's refrigerator. Delivery to the department will occur the next business day. The Mail Service Center is not responsible for spoiled or damaged items.

Pilfering of Mail

It is unlawful for unauthorized personnel to handle incoming U.S. Mail and Campus Mail addressed to members of the University, except as the successor to a position. Individuals may not remove, open, read, delay or dispose of mail unless as addressee or an authorized agent. Violations should be reported to the Director of Mail Service Center. The Mail Service Center is the only entity authorized to open any mail to determine destination or origin in attempting delivery or dispatch. USPS Mail violations will be referred to USPS authorities and campus mail violations to the proper campus authorities.

Postage Due Mail

The Mail Service Center reserves the right to return to sender, any personal mail piece that requires additional postage. University business mail requiring postage due is reconciled with the Normal P.O. and charged to the appropriate departmental mail account number.

Relationship with Outside Vendors of Mail Related Services

The manager of the Mail Service Center is responsible for establishing purchase agreements with outside vendors to augment services provided by the Mail Service Center and for assuring compliance with all vendor regulations, standards of timeliness, and cost containment. 

To assure receipt of volume-based discounts and to prevent violations of Federal Regulations, agreements between individual campus employees or departments for mail preparation or dispatch is strongly discouraged. Any arrangements or contacts other than those established by the Mail Service Center requires prior approval by the Mail Service Center manager.

Stamped Mail

The Mail Service Center does not offer stamps, metering, or packaging for personal mail. Mail staff will accept and deposit outgoing stamped mail at the U.S. Post Office. The Mail Service Center is not responsible for verifying postage, sealing, or returning unstamped mail. Once deposited, the personal mail becomes property of the USPS and all postal regulations apply.

Tracking Letters and Packages

The Mail Service Center is unable to track an item over 6 months old. Tracking is only available for items with tracking numbers assigned. All overnight items, certified, registered, insured and UPS ground shipments offer tracking numbers.

Non-University Mail

The Mail Service Center prohibits the use of campus mail service for personal mail. Personal mail should be sent to the individual's home address or Post Office Box.

USPS and Campus Mail Marked Personal and/or Confidential

Only the addressee may open USPS OR CAMPUS MAIL marked personal and/or confidential. Exception: refer to section 1.6 for addresses with no department name or mail code.

Mail Restrictions

  1. Any item that would be prohibited under Federal and Postal Service Regulations.
  2. Parking tickets.
  3. Items over 70 pounds.
  4. Personal correspondence unrelated to University business including greeting cards, chain letters, etc.
  5. Any commercial or personal advertising for organizations or individuals not affiliated with the University.
  6. Any item originated by non-University individuals or non-registered University organizations.
  7. Books, including personal books, University library books and public library books.
  8. Personal petitions and private surveys.
  9. Membership recruitment for organizations not registered by the University.
  10. Currency.
  11. Personal libraries or collections for employees departing or relocating within the University.

Initiating body: Mail Service Center

Contact: Manager of Mail Service Center (309-438-8383)

Revised on: 08/2001


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