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8.3.2 Mail Services - Incoming Mail


The Mail Service Center receives mail from the U.S. Postal Service for delivery to the University community.

Accountable Mail Received

Mail is considered "accountable" when a signature is required before delivery is complete. The following types of mail are considered "accountable": certified, registered, insured, and express. The Mail Service Center upon delivery from the USPS signs for accountable mail pieces. The Mail Service Center also requires a signature from the department listed as the addressee.

Mail Service staff cannot deliver "restricted" mail. This requires a signature from an "individual" on campus. Restricted mail is returned to the USPS carrier who will return the mail piece to the post office and leave a notification with the Mail Service Center. We will forward this notification to the addressee notifying them to pick up their mail piece at the post office. Express shipments received after the regular delivery time will be dispatched to departments the same day if time permits.

Address Format for Incoming Mail

To assure accurate and timely delivery of incoming mail, use the following format for all university business correspondence and verbal address instructions. Name of recipient, building and room numbers do not constitute an accurate delivery address. Note: University business ZIP code is 61790.

Illinois State University
Department/Org./ Publication
Campus Box (plus 4 digit mail code)
Normal IL 61790-4 digit mail code

This address format may change to match the USPS national database.

Use the following format for Residence Hall correspondence. Resident Halls do not use mail codes. Note: Residence hall ZIP code is 61761. "Illinois State University" is not part of the Residence Hall address.

Student Name
Residence Hall Name & Room Number
Normal IL 61761

Student Mail

Residence Hall mail is not Illinois State University business mail. The U.S. Postal Service delivers incoming student U.S. mail directly to each Residence Hall. The Director of University Housing Services is responsible for maintaining proper facilities and staffing for receipt and handling of all incoming student mail. All correspondence and/or inquiries regarding Residence Hall mail should be directed to University Housing Services.

Undeliverable Mail

The Mail Service Center will not open incoming USPS mail to determine recipient from off campus. We can not deliver mail that is addressed to a name,  organization, publication, or project unless a correct department and /or mail code is present. Undeliverable addressed mail will be stamped by Mail Service staff and returned to the sender requesting a correct department and mail code. Foreign mail is researched thoroughly to determine the recipient and their location before returning to sender.


UPS and FEDEX delivers express items directly to departments. If an item has an incomplete/ illegible address, Purchase Order attached, or is a UPS Ground shipment; the item is delivered to Central Receiving for delivery on campus.

Initiating body: Mail Service Center

Contact: Manager of Mail Service Center (309-438-8383)

Revised on: 12/2000


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