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8.1.9 On-Line Fleet Reservation System


A Fleet Vehicle Reservation program has been completed which enables users to request fleet vehicles from their mainframe connected work station. This system is similar to the Mainframe Building Key Request System. If a reservation for a vehicle is submitted via the on-line computer system, the traditional form does not need to be submitted.

The fleet reservation system tracks usage, maintenance and inventory of the University's fleet vehicles. There are many tips and helpful hints on how to use this system in the Fleet Vehicle System documentation from Computer Services, the on-line help screens and in the Helpful Hints summary (see next category).

Due to the variety of computers used on campus, some of the keys used to produce a specific function for this program may not be the same key for a given user's system. The colors described for functions also may not correspond with a given user's computer system or emulation.

Since all departments do not have access to the mainframe, vehicles may still be requested by calling the Facilities Management Office at (309) 438-2038 or by mailing the written request forms to that office. Vehicle requests mailed to Facilities Management will be entered into the on-line system when the form is received. All transportation requests must be received by Facilities Management prior to travel.

Use of the Fleet Reservation System

Helpful Hints

  1. The system will check the Master Account File that is stored in the mainframe computer when account information is entered. If the system is not accepting the account that was entered, check for error. If the system still will not accept the account, check with the Comptroller's Office to make sure the account is on the Master Account File.
  2. The system should accept SS#s provided that the person is on the Master List on the Mainframe. If the SS# will not take, call Facilities Management at 8-2038 so that the problem can be investigated. This could take a while to figure out, and could happen if a person is new to campus.
  3. Utilize the information in Exhibit 7.6.1-A and in the Help screens when questions arise.
  4. Fill in all fields when entering the requests on the system (08 screen). If the data edits are not passed, the field will turn color to highlight that the field needs to be filled or corrected. The "purpose of trip" field does need to be filled in with a brief description of the trip. The Datatel 25 digit account number should be entered in the comment line. Press enter until a log number is assigned.
  5. The proper form for date and time entry is as follows: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm am or pm. The system will not accept military time.
  6. Requesting a vehicle does not mean that a vehicle is automatically scheduled. Note the log number that is given to the request after it is sent to the Facilities Management Office. Check the log number on the 06 screen later for the vehicle number assigned for that trip. The requests will be assigned several times a day. If there are no vehicles of the type requested available for that trip, other vehicle types may be substituted to accommodate the need. The rate charged will be the standard rate for the type of vehicle used.
  7. Some screens will not allow scrolling with the PF7 and PF8 keys.
  8. PF1 is for the Help screens. They may be updated from time to time as other issues arise. Please call Facilities Management at 8-2038 with suggestions for items/issues to include in these fields.

Additional Information About the On-Line Reservation System

To gain access to the Fleet Reservation System, certain procedures must be followed. The fiscal agent for an area must go into FASD on the mainframe and give the person(s) in that department who will be using the Fleet System the authorization to have access to the accounts that will be used for travel. Even if those people currently can do budget transfers, etc., there is a special column in FASD that must be checked to give access to Fleet.

Computer Profile Updates

The Fleet Reservation System handout may be copied as needed to share with others who need the information. Particularly important to copy are the computer profile update sheets at the back of the packet. Please make extra copies of these sheets for use at a later time if needed. The profile updates are for the transactions described below. Choose which combination will be applicable for your use.

  • PPOR - There should be one person designated in a department to act as the departmental "custodian" of this function. This person is responsible for entering new people into the function, and removing people from this function if they no longer use it.
  • PPOS - All users of the Fleet System must have access to this function, as this is the transaction that gives access to the system. If you already have access to PPOS to use for the Key System, you do not need to apply for this function again.
  • FLRT - All users of the Fleet System must have access to this function.

Ordering a Fleet Vehicle

Select the combination of transactions needed, fill out the form(s) and sign them. Have your fiscal agent sign the form and forward the form to 9000 Facilities Management. After the custodian of the accounts has signed, these forms are sent to Computer Services. When you are notified by Computer Services that you have access to these transactions, and your fiscal agent has given you access to the accounts you need, you can now use the system. Please be patient as it sometimes takes awhile to get all the signatures required.

Since this is a live, on-line system, please do not enter requests for vehicles that are not actual orders. Also, please note that the system will only allow you to view accounts that you have been authorized to use.

Do not insert log numbers when requesting vehicles, as the computer will do this automatically.

A user needs to keep track of all requests he/she generates. The easiest way to do that is to print the request after having posted it to Facilities Management. After posting a request to Facilities Management, a user cannot change or cancel the trip. You must call 8-2038 to make changes or to cancel.

When ordering multiple vehicles,  a separate request must be generated for each vehicle.

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