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8.1.8 Fleet Vehicles


The Fleet Operations Unit of Facilities Management maintains a fleet of vehicles which are available to faculty/staff and registered student organizations which have funding with the Comptroller's Office. Fleet vehicles are to be used for official University business only. The fleet consists of sedans, mini-vans, 15-passenger vans, one pick-up truck, and one large van equipped with a hydraulic lift for physically challenged passengers. Only ISU-funded accounts can be charged for the use of the vehicles. Charges vary by the type of vehicle used. 

The Facilities Management Department also schedules the use of buses. School buses and charter buses are available. Buses are charged out at contract rates.

Vehicles Excluding Busses

The Facilities Management Department attempts to accommodate travel on a first come first served basis. Reservations are made by submission of a properly completed "Request For University Transportation" form (438-2038). Reservations may also be made on-line with the computerized fleet reservation system. Occasionally it is necessary to "bump" the reservation to a different type of vehicle due to a priority need.

The driver of the vehicle must possess and show a valid driver's license to procure a vehicle. Only persons who have shown their driver's license at Facilities Management for that particular trip are authorized to drive. Vehicles cannot be picked up early and taken to the user's home, or kept at the user's home after a trip. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for all fines incurred while the vehicle is checked out.


The Facilities Management Department has a contract for bus services. School buses and charter coaches are available. Generally there is no cancellation charge if the reservation is cancelled through Facilities Management more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the trip. For information on how to reserve a bus, contact the Facilities Management Department at 438-2038.

Overview for Rental Rates

Various rental rates have been established for the use of fleet vehicles. For further information regarding rental rates and bus charters, call the Fleet Dispatcher at (309) 438-2038.

Policy Owner: Facilities Management

Contact: Facilities Management (309-438-2036)

Revised on: 02/2002


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