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8.1.7 Printing Services

Unofficial Policy

Printing Services, a part of University Marketing and Communications, is located in the lower level of the Nelson Smith Building. Printing Services also operates two Rapid Print Copy Centers located in Old Union and DeGarmo halls. Printing Services at Nelson Smith provides high quality offset printing, binding, and color copying. The Rapid Print Centers offer quick duplicating from hard copy or properly prepared electronic files.

Printing Services is concerned about the protection of intellectual property and supports the protections of copyright laws. All documents submitted for printing must fall within the standards of “Fair Use.” Printing and duplicating requests outside of Fair Use will not be honored unless publisher permission is granted.

Printing Services as part of University Marketing and Communications Printing Services is concerned with protecting the University’s image to all audiences. Documents submitted for printing are reviewed for compliance with the University’s identity management program. Use of the University’s identifiers and watermark stationary are checked for proper usage.

Printing Services charges are determined on a system of “Budgeted Hourly Rates.” This system ensures that all University customers pay the same price for printing based upon time and materials. Price estimates are free. Prices may vary from estimates because of changes in material prices or variations between the planned project and the finished project.

Printing Services administers the University’s copy machine program. The Copier Program is contracted to Xerox Services which provides all equipment, service, and on-site personnel. The cost of copies is charged to individual departments based upon monthly usage. The rate per copy is approved at the beginning of each fiscal year through the University’s budgeting process. All copy machines on campus are expected to be placed through this campus managed copier program.


Offset printing projects should be planned and discussed with the customer service representatives at Printing Services. They will review each project, give a timeline for project completion and assist with the selection of paper and inks.

Customer prepared graphic files should be in QuarkXpress or Adobe applications. Limited support is given to Microsoft Publisher, Word, or other wordprocessor programs. Customers should contact a CSR during the early design stage to ensure a document’s printability.

A completed Printing Request form is required to initiate a job into the production stream. The four-part form is readily available by calling the Printing Services office. The form must be signed by the ordering department’s fiscal agent before printing begins.

Initiating body: University Communications

Contact: Printing Services (309-438-3647)

Revised on: 09/2003


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