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8.1.6 - Garage (Fleet) Service Department


The Garage Service Department provides faculty and staff with fleet cars to use while on travel status when on University business. The service department also provides automotive service for all University vehicles. 

This service department operates on a charge-back basis. This means the department will be charged for the services received. The Facilities Management department submits information to the Comptroller's Office, and the accountants in that office prepare a voucher. The user department will not prepare an invoice for the services received. The summary total of charges is posted against the departmental budget.

For example, the use of fleet vehicles can be charged to the 991290 Travel general revenue (GR) budget line while automotive services can be charged to the 991800 Operation of Automotive GR budget line. The detail, which makes up the summary charge, is mailed to the fiscal agent along with the monthly financial report. Fleet cars and service should be charged to the following expenditure object codes: 691401 (Fleet - Mileage Sedan) and 691403 (Automotive Services).

For information on how to obtain services see Fleet Vehicle Operations.

Initiating body: Facilities Management

Contact: Executive Director, Facilities Management (309-438-2085)

Revised on: 02/2002


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