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8.1.5 Service Departments

Service Departments are self-supporting entities established within the University. They provide goods or services to the University community on a charge-back basis. These services may be available from outside sources, but for reasons of cost, control, and the like, they are more effectively provided through a Service Department on campus. Charges to users are determined by the costs of the services rendered.

The following is a list of the Service Departments on the Illinois State University campus:

  • Accounting Services – This department provides cashier services and other accounting related services for the University.
  • Administrative Information Systems (AIS) – The mission of Administrative Information Systems is to Facilitate Encounters with Data for Illinois State University students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • Campus Technology Support Group (CTSG) – Various units make up the CTSG:  Computer Infrastructure Support Services (CISS),  Telecommunications and Networking, etc.
  • Computer Infrastructure Support Services (CISS) – This department provides the University’s students, faculty, and staff support resources in the area of computing technologies. Main focuses for CISS include Internet services, ULID accounts, and maintaining the Computer Help Desk.
  • Facilities Services - This department provides maintenance for University buildings and grounds. This department also warehouses and delivers janitorial products for University buildings.
  • Garage and Fleet - This department provides fleet cars to all faculty and staff to use while traveling on University business. This department also provides automotive service for all University vehicles.
  • Mail Service Center – This department provides mail service for the entire campus. This includes UPS and Federal Express services (plus other like services) and campus mail pickup and deliveries.
  • Telecommunications and Networking – This department provides the University with high quality telecommunications service and supports the University's ISUnet data network and telecommunications infrastructure. Telecommunications and Networking’s responsibilities include assistance in acquiring telephone, voice mail, fax, cellular, paging, and 2-way radio equipment, as well as, all related voice, data, video, Internet, and remote access services.
  • University Marketing and Communications (UMC) – The services UMC provides include: publication consultation/planning, writing/editing, photography/illustration, promotional video planning and production, graphic design, production and printing (printing is via charge-back).

Initiating body: Comptroller's Office

Contact: Service Accounting (309-438-8076)

Revised on: 05/2003


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