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8.1.2 Use of University Owned Vehicles


University-owned vehicles are provided for official University business. Responsibility to approve requests by employees for the use of University-owned vehicles is delegated to fiscal agents in accordance with monies budgeted in their accounts for Travel expenses.

University-owned vehicles are to be driven only by licensed University employees (administrators, faculty, graduate assistants, civil service staff, and students working within the scope of their employment). This is interpreted as those employees on a recurring University payroll. Students (other than graduate assistants), past employees and others are not eligible to use University-owned vehicles, except under special circumstances requiring special approval. Special approval must be granted in writing by the fiscal agent requesting the vehicle and authorized by a vice president or his or her designee.

Any trip involving students must have a graduate assistant, faculty or staff member accompany the travel. A University employee must drive the vehicle unless written exception is received from a vice president or designee.

No alcohol or drugs will be consumed in a University vehicle or prior to operating a vehicle.

Liability insurance is provided only within the scope of the authorized travel. The primary driver is responsible for the vehicle while it is in his/her care. State of Illinois/Illinois State University coverage does not include the uninsured or underinsured motorist or auto medical expenses incurred while operating a University vehicle.

See the Facilities Management link for more information on reserving a vehicle, etc.

Initiating body: Facilities Management

Contact: Facilities Management (309-438-2036)

Revised on: 10/2002


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