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8.1.15 Redbird Card Office


The Redbird Card Office creates all Illinois State University student ID cards, receives deposits for the Redbird Account, monitors the CBORD card system, and is responsible for the accounting of the Redbird Account. This office also works closely with all departments and vendors on campus who use the CBORD card system, creating and distributing reports, training users, and determining equipment needs. The Redbird Card Office works with Administrative Information Systems to resolve problems with the card system.


Services provided by the Redbird Card Office are:

  1. Creating Illinois State University ID cards.
  2. Receiving deposits for the Redbird Account.
  3. Deactivating lost or stolen cards.
  4. Replacing lost, stolen, or malfunctioning cards.
  5. Re-encoding malfunctioning cards.
  6. Training card system users.
  7. Working with users to maintain the card system.
  8. Paying vendors revenues received through the use of the card system.
  9. Printing out statements for cardholders upon request.
  10. Processing refunds on the card system.

Additional Information

For information on Redbird Card Office hours, ID card accounts, locations where the card is accepted, how the card works, what to do if the card is lost/stolen, and how to contact the Redbird Card Office, please refer to the Redbird Card Office web site.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Comptroller Cashier and Student Accounts (309-438-2273)

Revised on: 02/2013


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