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8.1.12 Fleet Vehicle Accident Procedures

How to File

In the event a vehicle from the University fleet is involved in an accident, the driver must complete an accident report immediately at the site of the accident. The driver must report the accident to the Fleet Dispatcher within 24 hours (next business day), and take a copy of the completed accident report form to the Risk Manager, 302 Hovey Hall (phone: 309-438-5162 or 309-438-2143). In addition, the driver must complete a Motorist Report of Illinois Motor Vehicle Accident form. This form is SR-1 and can be obtained from any police agency. The form must be completely filled out and mailed into the State of Illinois per the instructions on the form. 

Form to Use

The SR-1 form is the type used to file an accident report. To receive a form, contact the Coordinator of Liability and Accident Insurance in 302 Hovey Hall at (309) 438-2143 or (309) 438-1900.

Initiating body: Facilities Management

Contact: Director of Facilities Management (309-438-2038)

Revised on: 04/2018


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