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8.1.11 University Vehicle Credit Card Use

Gasoline and Oil Purchase

Credit cards are provided to the driver of a Fleet vehicle. The credit cards are to be used for purchasing gasoline, oil, other fluids, etc. for the vehicle while it is used away from campus. Credit cards from several major oil companies are provided to allow the driver convenience in selecting a service station. The credit ticket should list the fluids purchased and be signed by the driver. The credit receipt must be turned in with the keys when the trip has been completed. If no stations accept the credit cards provided, pay for the services needed. Provide the receipt with your name, social security number and where you would like the reimbursement mailed.

Non-Approved Purchases

Credit cards are to be used for the purchase of gasoline, oil, other fluids, etc. for the vehicle. In no case should the credit cards be used to purchase food, snacks, souvenirs, etc. In the event that the cards are used for non-approved purchases, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for the cost of the purchase plus a service charge.

Emergency Repairs

Driver must notify the Fleet Office of any accidents, malfunctions or changes in travel plans during the trip.  In event of an emergency repair, driver must have verbal authorization prior to repairing vehicle.  At this time credit cards may or may not be authorized for repairs.

Departmental Credit Card

The Departmental Credit Card is not to be used for travel except for airline airfare, train tickets or conference registrations. See 7.5.2 Credit Card Use for detailed information about the use of the Departmental Credit Card.

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