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5.2.1 Reporting Crimes


Illinois State University is committed to a safe and secure environment for all employees, students, and visitors.  The entire campus community shares the responsibility for a safe and secure campus.  All members of the campus community, staff, students, and visitors are required to report any emergency, crime, threatening or violent situations, or knowledge of any criminal activity to the Illinois State University Police Department or other local law enforcement as soon as possible. 

A.  Reporting Crimes in an Emergency

Dial 911:  Dial 9-1-1 to notify the police immediately of crimes that are in progress (that is, crimes which are occurring at the same time you are notifying the police), or when there is fire, smoke, or a medical emergency.

Your call will be answered by a 9-1-1 dispatcher at the Illinois State University Police Department or other local emergency agency.  Be prepared to provide the following information to the 9-1-1 dispatcher:


Phone number where you can be reached for call back purposes

Nature of the emergency, drime in progress, fire, or medical emergency

Location of emergency

The dispatcher will collect sufficient information in the initial conversation to dispatch appropriate resources to the scene of the emergency.  After collecting initial information, the 9-1-1 dispatcher will come back on the line and may ask you for additional information.  Please remain on the phone with the 9-1-1 dispatcher until you are told that you may hang up.

Emergency Telephones

The University campus has 18 emergency telephones (a blue light prominently displayed on top).  These phones, located in strategic locations throughout the University community, are for reporting emergencies to the Illinois State University Police Department.

B.  Reporting Crimes in a Non-Emergency

In a non-emergency situation, University community members should report crimes by completing an online Public Incident Report form on the Campus Safety and Security Website -  http://security.illinoisstate.edu/crime_reporting/ or contacting Illinois State University Police Department.

Contacting Illinois State University Police Department:  Individuals can contact University Police by

Dialing 911 from a University phone

Dialing (309)438-8631

Dialing (309)438-8266 - for TTY Emergency or Non-Emergnecy reporting to UPD

Contacting an officer on patrol or at the University Police Department, Nelson Smith Building, Room 105, 718 W. College Avenue, Campus Box 9240, Normal, IL  61790

E-mailing: isupolice@IllinoisState.edu with non-emergency information on any criminal activity

Required Reporting Party Obligations:  Federal law requires some non-law enforcement University personnel to report certain crimes that occur on or near the Illinois State University campus.  These individuals are Required Reporting Parties or RRPs and include University faculty and staff members with "significant responsibility" for students and campus activities or University personnel with security responsibilities.  RRPs include but are not limited to:

Deans, Directors, Department Heads, Supervisors

Dean of Students Office Staff

Faculty & Academic Advisors

RSO Advisors

University Housing Staff

Human Resource Staff

Student Health Services Staff

Lab School Staff

Athletic Staff including Coaches, Trainers, and Staff

Campus Recreation Staff

University Police, Contract Security Staff and Student Night Patrols

Facility Security Staff such as employees that monitor access into campus buildings or parking facilities

The list of reportable crimes is available at the Campus Safety and Security website - http://security.illinoisstate.edu/crime_reporting/ 

C.  Mandated Reporting Requirements

Effective July 1, 2012, Illinois enacted a new law requiring all University Personnel to be mandated reporters under the Illinois Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.  Illinois law now requires all University personnel to report suspected child abuse or child neglect to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services whenever the reporter has reasonable cause to believe a child known to the individual in an official capacity may be abused or neglected.  The DCFS Hotline is 1-800-25ABUSE (22873).  If you have questions regarding these requirements you can contact UPD at (309)438-8631 for assistance.

Initiating body: University Police

Contact: University Police (309-438-8631)

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