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5.1.7 Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

In accordance with the Smoke-Free Campus Act (110 ILCS 64 et seq.), the Smoke-Free Illinois Act (410 ILCS 82 et seq.), and the School Code Tobacco Prohibition (105 ILCS 510-20.5b), smoking and tobacco use is prohibited on campus.  The Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus map available at Smoke Free Campus identifies all areas where smoking and tobacco use are prohibited.

The promotion of smoking and tobacco products through campus organizations and activities is prohibited, as well as the advertising of tobacco products through campus media.


Campus means all property, including buildings, grounds, parking lots, and vehicles that are owned or operated by a State-supported institution of higher education.

Smoking means the carrying, smoking, burning, inhaling, or exhaling of any kind of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, hookah, weed, herbs, or other lighted smoking equipment.  Smoke or smoking also includes products containing or delivering nicotine intended or expected for human consumption, or any part of such a product.  Smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes are prohibited under this definition.

Any product that has been approved or otherwise certified for legal sale by the United States Food and Drug Administration for tobacco use cessation or other medical purposes and is being marketed and sold solely for that approved purpose is permitted.

Exceptions to the Policy

Smoking is permitted when traveling in a private vehicle through campus or parked on campus in an unenclosed parking lot while in a vehicle that is not owned or leased by the University.

Smoking is permitted in enclosed laboratories, not open to the public, where the activity of smoking is exclusively conducted for the purpose of medical or scientific health-related research.


The successful implementation of this policy will depend primarily on the cooperation of all faculty, staff, students, and visitors.  University community members are urged to comply with this policy and encourage others to comply, in order to promote a healthier environment.  Initial compliance efforts will be focused on 1) informing all members of the community and campus visitors of the new policy and 2) providing cessation information and resources.

If a member of the campus community observes an individual violating the University policy/Smoke-Free Campus Act, that member may request that the individual stop and inform the individual of the policy.  Complaints can also be filed with the Illinois State University Police at 309-438-8631.

Any employee, student, or visitor who does not comply with the University policy and state law is subject to possible fine, disciplinary action, or both.  Fines (citations) may be issued under state law by the Illinois State University Police Department for individuals who do not comply with the policy.  Campus fines for violations of the Smoke-Free Campus Act are set through the University's annual process for review and revision of miscellaneous charges and assessments administered by the Budget Office and approved by the President's Cabinet.  An individual can also be issued a separate fine for violation of the Smoke-Free Illinois Act as set by statute.

Policy Owner: Office of Environmental Health and Safety & Academic Senate

Contact: Environmental Health and Safety (309-438-8325)

Revised: 6/2015

Effective Date: 7/2015

Smoking Violation Appeal Form

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