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5.1.14 Health and Safety


The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) is the campus office that maintains an up-to-date record of current health and safety standards and regulations. The OEHS will provide this information to departments upon request. The OEHS is responsible for maintaining certain records as required by regulatory standards, and for assisting departments and offices in obtaining, sustaining, and improving compliance with the regulations.

With the exception of a few programs, such as hazardous waste disposal and asbestos abatement, it is the delegated responsibility of administrative heads, as official representatives of the President, to ascertain that those employees who ultimately report to them are informed of conditions, rules, and regulations pertaining to health and safety. The present staff of the OEHS acts as overseers and inspectors of the various required programs. Their intent is to assist departments in whatever manner (training, enforcement of rules, guidance, liaison with regulatory agencies, etc.) necessary to attain compliance. The OEHS does not wish to be an enforcement agency, unless this is necessary, instead they want to help the University be a safe and healthy environment.

Concerns and Complaints

Concerns relating to work-related health and safety should be referred to the OEHS (the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, 202 Nelson Smith Building, 438-8325). Potential concerns include, but are not limited to: odors, hazardous material spills, safety issues, radiation, and unknown problems that affect the health or safety of building occupants. The OEHS will investigate concerns and determine the need for corrective action or additional expertise, if necessary.

When a complaint is received by the OEHS an investigation is initiated. Someone from the OEHS will physically review the situation to identify the problem and determine the corrective action to take. This person will then notify the proper personnel to initiate the corrective action. The investigation will be written up on a complaint form and maintained on file. The person or department requesting an investigation of health and safety concerns shall be informed of the findings of such an investigation and shall receive written documentation of the investigation and findings.


Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Initiating body: Health and Safety

Contact: Environmental Health and Safety (309-438-8325)

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