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5.1.12 Proper Operation of University In Case of Disruptive Activity


In order to maintain the proper operation of Illinois State University in case of disruptive activity by any persons, the following procedure shall be followed:

  1. The President of the University shall advise students, faculty, employees, and invitees of the rules and regulations of the University that pertain to the maintenance of order on the campus and of the firm conviction that such rules and regulations, together with the laws of the State of Illinois, will be enforced in order to preserve an appropriate atmosphere for the pursuit of the educational mission of Illinois State University.
  2. In the first instance, appropriate University officials shall seek to employ existing internal remedies as contained in this document, Governing Policy of the Board of Trustees, and Policies of the University to obtain voluntary compliance, cooperation, and the exercise of restraint on the part of all parties concerned. In the case of disruptive activity involving students, officers of the University Police shall advise such students of their legal obligations and duties, urge them to disperse and to cease committing such disruptive activity, and where necessary, give notice pursuant to the criminal laws of the State of Illinois.
  3. It shall be the duty of the University Police to advise other appropriate law enforcement agencies and officials of the existence of such disruptive activity and to alert such agencies and officials that such activity may require their assistance.
  4. The officers of the University Police Department shall make such arrests as are necessary to maintain order on the campus and to insure civil rights of others and to preserve the ordinary operation of the University.
  5. If it becomes necessary to control large crowds of persons in case of any disruptive activity or to engage in mass arrests or other forms of control, the President of the University shall request other appropriate law enforcement agencies and officials to come upon the campus to assist the University Police.


Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Initiating body: Governor's Office

Contact: Office of Residential Life (309-438-8611)

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