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5.1.11 Golf Carts and Authorized Governmental Vehicles on Campus


Authorized Governmental Vehicles, for purposes of this policy, are defined as “motorized off-highway devices (including all terrain vehicles such as Gators, Toros or similar vehicles), used with or without trailers, for official University business” (hereafter “AGV”).  Golf carts, for purposes of this policy, are defined as vehicles specifically designed and intended for the purposes of transporting one or more persons and their golf clubs, but used on campus for transportation of people during conferences and other similar events.

The safe operation of AGVs and golf carts is paramount in order to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors on the University campus.  This policy has been established to promote safe use of such vehicles.  Failure to follow this policy, follow common driving practices and courtesies, or follow rules of the road for the State of Illinois, could result in a traffic citation, and/or disciplinary action up to and including discharge.  In addition to discipline, an operator’s AGV or golf cart driving privileges may be suspended. 


Permissible Areas of Operation

Authorized Governmental Vehicles may be driven anywhere on campus. State and local laws allow AGVs to be driven on or across sidewalks, crosswalks, bicycle lanes or marked safety zones as long as they are engaged in “certain governmental caretaking activities”(i.e., being used exclusively as an AGV during the performance of maintenance or other business activities on campus).

Golf carts may only be operated in areas as designated on the approved Golf Cart Route Map.  Golf carts are prohibited by state and local law from being operated on (including crossing) city or state roadways and sidewalks.

AGV and Golf Cart Registration and Training

All University owned and operated AGVs and golf carts must be registered with the Office of Parking & Transportation by the campus Department to which it is assigned.  Each AGV and golf cart will be provided with an identification number to clearly show that it has been registered and approved for use on campus.

All University Departments using AGVs and golf carts are required to ensure that operators in their Department have completed operator safety training prior to operating an AGV or golf cart.  To complete the training an individual must:

  • View a generic AGV/Golf Cart safety training video which is available from Office of Parking and Transportation or the safety training video provided by the Utility/Golf Cart manufacturer.
  • Review the AGV Rules of Operation. Copies are available at Office of Parking and Transportation Department.
  • Complete a hands-on review of operational and safety features of the specific vehicle the individual will be driving. This review will be provided by an employee designated by the operator’s department with the appropriate skills and knowledge to conduct such training.  
  • Training documentation and acknowledgment forms for all operators who will be operating AGVs and/or golf carts are to be maintained by the operator’s employing Department, and a copy filed the in operator’s official personnel file located in Human Resources.  Documentation is to include:
    • Operator’s name
    • Trainer’s name
    • Date of Training
    • List of the specific type of equipment trained to operate
    • Documentation forms can be obtained from Office of Parking and Transportation

Non-University Use of Golf Carts on Campus

The University is not responsible for the use of golf carts or other off highway vehicles brought to campus by outside vendors or groups visiting campus.  A copy of the Golf Cart Route Map and University rules will be provided to any such vendors or groups in advance of their arrival on campus.  Vendors or groups are responsible for following all applicable rules, as well as local, state, and federal laws. 


Golf carts used solely for the purpose of playing the game of golf or maintenance activities at the University golf course are excluded from this policy.

Initiating body: Office of Environmental Health and Safety & Office of Parking & Transportation

Contact: Director, OEHS (309-438-8325)

Created on: 03/2010

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