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7.8.3 Personnel Transfers


Permanent transfers are used when a fiscal agent wishes to increase or decrease the FTE and/or funding of a position, or the funding of a Personal Service object class for the fiscal year in which the transfer occurs as well as the following year(s).

Guidelines for Permanent Personnel Transfers

All of the following criteria must be met for a permanent transfer to occur:

  1. The FTE and/or funds must be available in the position being reduced for the transfer to be honored.
  2. The fiscal unit must have net positive FTE and/or funding in the Personal Service object class being reduced for the transfer to be honored.
  3. Transfers for purposes of salary increases will not ordinarily be honored unless extenuating circumstances exist and written approval is granted by the appropriate Staff Administrator in advance of any commitment to the employee.
  4. A POSN 901 (available from the Budget Office) must be filled out for each complete transaction affected in a permanent transfer. (Example: If one position is being reduced to increase another, a POSN 901 must be completed showing the revised FTE and/or funding for each position(s).) There must be one complete permanent transaction per POSN 901.
  5. Permanent transfers may be performed between all earnings type of personal services. The transfer must be between the same fund source such as 01, 05, 51, etc.
  6. All permanent transfers are currently and will continue to be processed by the Budget Office.
  7. Promptness in filing this form is of utmost importance to you. A completed approved form must be filed with the Budget Office before a new position can be filled.
  8. For a complete description of the POSN 901 refer to the Position, Personnel, Payroll, Address Control Procedures (ISI) manual, Section III. Instructions for completing the POSN 901 may also be found in the ISI manual, Section III (available in all University departments).

Guidelines for Temporary Personnel Transfers

All of the criteria which must be met for permanent transfers to occur must also be met for temporary transfers. The most significant difference between permanent and temporary transfers is the period to which they apply. Temporary transfers apply only to the year in which they are transacted. They do not affect future year(s) transactions.

  1. Temporary transfers may be performed between all earnings types of personal services.
  2. The transfer must be between the same fund source such as 01, 05, 51 etc.
  3. For further information, please refer to the ISI manual, Section VIII (available in the Payroll office) or contact the Budget Office at 438-2143.
  4. Use the Position Request/Change Fund Transfer (POSN 901) form. This form may be obtained from the Budget Office, Hovey 302.

Initiating body: Budget Office

Contact: Budget Office (309-438-2143)

Revised on: 09/2004

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