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7.8.2 Position Control

Overview for Position Control/Procedure

Position control is a process to measure the current status of positions for personal services within the institution in order to analyze their fiscal impact on the whole budget year. The impact of a position is determined by actual expenditures from the beginning of a fiscal year plus amounts set aside to cover appointments to the position for the remainder of the fiscal year (commitments).

The concept of position control implies that each institutional position must be defined in specific terms and that the hiring procedure may not be completed (a paycheck issued) until a specifically defined position exists for the applicant. Budget Status is determined by combining elements from the Position File, the Payroll Distribution File (expenditures), and the Employee Data Base (commitments). More detailed explanations of the position procedure may be found in Section III of the Position, Personnel, Payroll, Address Control Procedures (ISI) manual available in all University departments. A discussion of the Hiring/Budget Information Report may be found in Section IX of the ISI manual.

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