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7.8.1 Operating Budget


The operating budget is best described as all funds used by the University for operations other than personal services. All fund sources, appropriated, income fund, grants and contracts, agency, and bond revenue have operating budgets.  The operating budget for all fund sources is allocated by specific line items (contractual, commodities, equipment, etc.).  Every fiscal year the allocation among line items for each fund source is reviewed and as the needs for the University and specific departments change, so will the distribution among line items.

Transfers between line items in the appropriated and income fund operating budget may either be permanent or temporary.  Permanent transfers change the distribution of funds among line items in the current fiscal year, as well as the following fiscal year(s).  Temporary transfers change the distribution of funds among line items for the current fiscal year only.

See the Datatel Web site for instructions on completing both permanent and temporary transfers for appropriated and income funds. Individual departments are not authorized to make transfers among line items in all other funds sources and should contact the Budget Office at 438-2143 for assistance.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Budget Office (309-438-2143)

Revised on: 09/2004

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