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7.7.7 Student Billing


The Campus Solutions (CS) was established to provide each student with a monthly bill of debts owed the University (see the Accounts Receivable policy for details of the specific charges included.) The bills are sent out once per month with an approximate due date of three weeks later.  The bills and balances due are also available on-line.  This allows students and parents the ability to see the most current activity and balances.  This web application also allows for on-line payments to be made at any time.


  1. Tuition Installment Plans: A voluntary installment plan is available for students.  This plan allows them to divide their amount due for the current term into 4 equal installments.  Financial aid is automatically applied to the student's account and any remaining balance must be paid to avoid late fees for those not electing the installment plan.
  2. Installment Charge: There is $35 charge for the installment plan that is reflected on the bill as a separate item.

To view the current billing dates and payment due dates, visit the Student Accounts website.

The Sections of a Bill

  • Name and Address Section: The top portion of the bill will show the name, billing address, Invoice date, Due date, Student ID#, and Payment due.  Also included in this section is a summary of added charges, aid and payments since the last statement.
  • Stub Section: The bottom portion is a tear off remittance stub that should be returned with the payment if the payment is being made by check.  If the payment is made via on-line tools, there is no need to return anything.
  • Reverse Side of Bill: This section is split into two parts:  Charges are on the left side; and Credits (payments) are on the right side.  All financial aid that is fully processed is listed in the payment section.  Any anticipated aid not yet posted to the student's account will be listed int he anticipated aid section.  Any payment received since the last billing is also listed.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Student Accounts (309-438-5643)

Revised on: 9/2016

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