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7.7.5 Refunds


Each week the Campus Solutions (CS) system is checked for cash in excess of charges. A refund run is done for the three different types of excess cash in the account. These types are:

  1. Withdrawals from school or individual courses
  2. Excess cash paid
  3. Refundable scholarships in excess of charges

A withdrawal from school may cause a reduction of financial aid resulting in repayment of a refund already issued to the student.

Excess payments on the account are refunded after all outstanding charges have been paid. There is a 14-day delay in refunding excess payments.  Refundable scholarships applied to the account, after paying all eligible charges are refunded based on the timing of the financial aid distribution (see the Financial Aid Distribution policy).

Loans cannot be applied nor refunds issued to the student until he/she has completed entrance loan counseling and signed a promissory note, both of which will be included on the student's to do list on their student portal (see the Federal Perkins Loans policy for additional information in regards to this type of loan).

The preferred method of refund distribution is by e-Refunds.  Students are encouraged to sign up for e-Refunds through on-line access to their student account.  This provides a more secure and timely distribution of refunds.   For those not on e-Refunds, a check is cut and mail to the appropriate address on file.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Student Accounts (309-438-5643)

Revised on: 9/2016

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