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7.7.1 Accounts Receivable (Student)


The Campus Solutions (CS) system is currently used for the purpose of accumulating all charges into a centralized system so students would receive only one bill per month and have to make only one payment per month. This benefits both the student and the University since payments and financial aid are directly applied to those charges. If this creates an excess balance this amount is refunded directly to the student. Collection efforts are also enhanced since multiple debts from the same student can be worked on simultaneously.

As of the fall 2016 session the following charges are included:

  • Tuition
  • General Fees
  • Outreach Fee
  • Course Material Fees
  • Compass Fees
  • Collection Costs
  • All Sport Ticket
  • Enrollment Deposit Fee
  • Financial Aid Repay
  • Lost Equipment
  • Tax Fed
  • Preview/Passages Charges
  • Misc. I.D.
  • University Housing Room and Board Charges
  • University Housing Security Deposit
  • University Housing Cancellation Charge
  • University Housing Individual and Prorated Damages
  • Apartment Living Rent
  • Apartment Living Cancellation Charge
  • Apartment Living Security Deposit
  • Apartment Living Damages
  • Full 9 Month Housing Charge
  • Meal Contracts
  • Core Changes
  • Parking Fines
  • Late Fees
  • Short Term Loans
  • Long Term Loans
  • Bad Checks
  • Library Fines and Lost Books
  • Chemistry
  • Health Services – Appt/Missed Appt-Lab-Pharmacy-CPL. Fee
  • Study Abroad – Exchange Program – International Studies – Cantbury/Salszburg
  • Lost Dining/Housing Uniforms/Band Uniforms
  • Lost University keys
  • Music student key deposits
  • Student Code of Conduct violations
  • Child Care delinquencies
  • Student Health Insurance

The intent is to channel every current student billing system into the CS process. The CS system is not intended to replace all student "point of sale" payments to the University.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Student Accounts (309-438-5643)

Revised on: 09/2016

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