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7.5.1 Deposit Slips


Deposits to University accounts may be made at the Cashier's Office. A supply of deposit slips can be obtained from the Cashier's Office, or if a large number of receipts are needed, the department or organization may have the account number preprinted on the receipts in a special order. The supervisor of the Cashier's Office should be consulted before preprinted deposit slips are ordered. The Cashier supervisor will also supply instructions for completing deposit slips. If the deposit is from a vendor for overpayment, unavailability of merchandise, duplicate payment, or for returned merchandise, the check should be sent to 1200 Comptrollers, for deposit.


  1. Group all currency according to denomination and arrange it so that all bills are face up.
  2. A total amount for each denomination group must be obtained. In conjunction with this, all bills larger than $1 should be arranged in groups of $100. All $1 bills should be arranged in groups of $25. Paper clips should be used to separate the groups of bills.
  3. Coins must be wrapped when there are enough loose coins to make a full roll. Our office will gladly provide coin wrappers.
  4. A tape of the checks in the deposit should be run on an adding machine. A second tape should then be run to make sure that the first total was correct.
  5. Fill out the deposit slip (call 438-5643 to obtain a deposit slip).

Some departments retain a list of the amounts of each denomination and the check total for each deposit until the end of the month. Please contact the supervisor of the Cashier's Office if you would like to have a supply of forms for this purpose.

Initiating body: Division of Finance and Planning

Contact: Comptroller's Office (309-438-5674)

Revised on: 06/2002, 09/2004

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