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7.4.1 Grants and Contracts 

Awards received by the University from external funding sponsors are administered by the Research and Sponsored Programs Office (RSP) and are utilized according to the terms of the award.

The University receives grants and contracts from many different sources. These sources fall into three major categories:

  • Federal funds
  • State funds (from other state agencies)
  • Private and miscellaneous funds

All awards received are governed by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements (2 CFR 200), as well as other federal, State of Illinois, and sponsoring agency rules and regulations.

The Research and Sponsored Programs Office assists faculty/staff with:

  • Development, review and approval of proposal submission to external sponsors,
  • Grant/contract award processing,
  • Oversight, programmatic and fiscal management of sponsored projects,
  • Programmatic and fiscal close out of grants/contracts;
  • Intellectual Property/Export Control review and oversight for the University in accordance with University policies 4.1.10 and 4.1.11,
  • Oversight of compliance with federal, state and university policies regarding the conduct of ethical research with humans and vertebrate animals,
  • Responsible conduct of research,
  • Oversight management of faculty/staff financial conflict of interest in relation to sponsored projects as determined in University Policy 7.1.1, and
  • Matters of academic integrity under University Policy 1.8.

Initiating body: AVP for Research and Graduate Studies

Contact: AVP for Research and Graduate Studies (309-438-7018)

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