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7.3.9 Travel Services


Illinois State University has contracted with Suzi Davis Travel and Seven Seas Travel, Inc. to be the primary travel agencies for University business travel. These partnerships provide the opportunity to track precise travel information for purposes of receiving airfare discounts and other volume based negotiated benefits.

Benefits of Using Designated Travel Agencies

  • The ability to track our travel volume and carrier experience.
  • Be sure to indicate that you are with Illinois State University when making travel arrangements in order to receive applicable discounts.
  • The ability to bill airfare directly to Illinois State University.
  • Negotiated car rental rates.
  • Negotiated hotel rates at select locations.
  • Seat assignments can often be obtained at time of booking.
  • A local contact for assistance with special needs.
  • Time convenience of having a professional agent arrange your travel who is aware of discounts and travel suggestions.

Who to Call

  • Seven Seas Travel - 309-662-2128 or 800-444-8728, Fax 309-663-2938
  • Suzi Davis Travel - 309-662-0455 or 800-397-1455, Fax 309-663-6428

Current Fees

Recent reductions in airline commissions paid to travel agencies have forced US travel agencies to impose fees for service. A $20 fee will be charged to your account for each reservation, not to exceed $50 per invoice.

Procedures after Booking

  • When the University account is charged for airline tickets, Purchasing will fax an approval request form to the appropriate fiscal agent for their signature and account number assignment. The signed approval must be faxed back to Purchasing within 24 hours.
  • A voucher is created on Datatel to pay the travel agent and charge the appropriate departments using the account number (s) provided.
  • Fares are extremely volatile and can change without notice. A fare is guaranteed only when it is actually ticketed. Holding a reservation does not guarantee a fare. Airlines can and do change fares several times throughout a day. Once you have told the travel agent to ticket your flight, the reservation is generated and you are responsible for the fare.
  • Airline itineraries, and tickets if applicable, are delivered directly to departments.
  • Business travel should be billed directly to the Illinois State University account. If the traveler pays with a personal credit card a Travel Voucher must be used to request reimbursement after the travel has occurred.
  • Personal travel arrangements must be charged to a personal credit card, or paid by check or cash.

Electronic Ticketing

  • When possible, Illinois State University travel agencies will be utilizing ticketless (e-ticket) airline travel.
  • E-tickets are used when travel is on a single carrier with no more than four flight segments.
  • E-tickets avoid the possibility of lost tickets.
  • There is no physical ticket, only a record in the computer.
  • Photo identification is required at check-in.
  • Curbside baggage check-in, or going directly to the gate with carry on luggage only, is still possible in major airports.
  • Pre-assigned seats are still available.
  • Tickets at low fares must still be ticketed the same day the reservation is made. E-ticketing does not extend this deadline.

Online Booking - Online booking is now accepted as a method of purchasing travel services

  • Online booking may not be the least costly solution, please check with the primary travel agencies as they may have access to discounts that are not available online.
  • New airline forfeiture rules impose severe penalties when non-refundable tickets are not used on the dates and times purchased. Online booking does not give the traveler access to customer service assistance from the primary travel agencies.
  • Some online booking engines are now charging service fees. Be certain to check for any additional fees, charges for paper tickets, or any other costs added to the price of the flight.
  • The Departmental Credit Card may be used only to purchase air or train travel. Check with your department head or card administrator for your department's process, rules, or restrictions concerning card usage.

Use of Personal Credit Card

  • If a personal credit card is used for business travel, reimbursement may be requested on a travel voucher after the travel occurs. When possible, please include an explanation as to why the University primary travel agencies were not used for booking your travel.


Initiating body: Comptroller's Office

Contact: Comptroller's Office (309-438-3295)

Revised on: 10/2003

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