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7.3.13 Group Travel


Group travel relates to groups of students traveling together, such as athletic teams, campus recreation outings, student conference travel, etc. A fiscal agent or faculty sponsor has two options for receiving reimbursement for group travel. The first is for the sponsor to pay for the students' expenses and be reimbursed for these expenses and their own expenses through a travel voucher. The second is for the fiscal agent or faculty sponsor to obtain a student cash travel advance (see the Cash Travel Advances policy) to pay for the students' expenses, and then reimburse the cash travel advance fund on a travel voucher.


The names of all student travelers should be listed on the invoice voucher.

Receipts for all items other than meals should be retained and attached to the invoice voucher.

If students are granted a meal allowance, a listing of the students' signatures showing the amount received by each should be attached to the invoice voucher.

Amounts of meal reimbursements should be limited to the Board of Trustees travel regulations per diem allowances.

Alcohol purchases are not reimbursable.

Policy Owner: Comptroller's Office

Contact: Comptroller's Office (309-438-3295)

Revised on: 10/2003

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