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7.3.10 Invoice Vouchers


An invoice voucher form is required from departments to process invoices for payment when no purchase order has been issued. If not working online in Datatel, all invoice vouchers should be sent to the Comptroller's Office (1200) for review and/or authorization.

Travel vouchers are also processed in the Comptroller's Office.


If online with Datatel:

  1. Follow the Colleague instructions for entering a voucher into Colleague.
  2. Send vendor invoice stamped with voucher number, and including an account number and approval signature (if not approved online) to 1200 Comptroller's Office.

If not online with Datatel:

  1. The vendor invoice, receipt, or other back-up paperwork should be stapled to the back of one copy of the invoice voucher form, not paper clipped. The invoice voucher must be accompanied by an actual, original vendor's invoice as statements are not valid for this purpose. Departments should pay invoices within 30 days, because a delay in payment can cause deliveries to other departments from the same vendor to be held up. Late payments may also be subject to interest payments under the State Prompt Pay Act.
  2. Please type all invoice vouchers. The vendor, address, and FEIN typed on the invoice voucher should be the "Remit To" vendor address.
  3. If you put an "ATTN" line above the vendor's name and address on an invoice voucher, it may result in a check made out to the wrong person. Please be specific as to whom the check is to be made payable to. Special check handling instructions should be placed at the bottom of the Vendor or Payee Box.
  4. An invoice voucher should be submitted to the Comptroller's Office for partial payment on a blanket purchase order. The purchase order number should be typed in the upper right hand corner, and the requisition number should be the same as the original requisition. The exception to this is a blanket order marked as contract, in which no funds are encumbered.
  5. All vendor invoices for items on regular purchase orders should be sent to the Purchasing Department for payment processing; no invoice voucher is necessary.
  6. Payments to individuals must include the person's Social Security number and their address for 1099 reporting. A Services/Consulting agreement needs to be completed for each engagement. This applies to individuals who:
    1. Are not employed by Illinois State University.
    2. Are performers, speakers, etc.
    3. Do not have an FEIN number.
  7. If the payee is an employee of the University, payment must be processed through the Payroll Office for inclusion on the W-2, unless payment is a reimbursement.
  8. Magazine subscriptions must include a complete mailing address in the body which includes the correct mail code.
  9. Subscription forms to be sent with the check must also be completely filled out.
  10. Membership renewals
  11. Registrations
  12. Payment with Order may be used when a vendor requires pre-payment. A printed vendor statement must be attached to the invoice voucher highlighted to indicate that payment in advance is required. Any accompanying blank order forms to be sent with the check must be filled out completely to give needed mailing information to vendors.
  13. Checks are printed and disbursed by the Comptroller's Office.

Policy Owner: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Comptroller's Office (309-438-3295)

Revised on: 06/2011

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