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7.2 Parking

Parking Permits

All vehicles occupying University parking facilities, other than metered spaces or visitor pay lots, must properly display a valid and appropriate parking permit during the posted hours. Employees and/or students may apply for one permit only.  Exceptions to this rule are motorcycle/moped permits, Cardinal Court resident permits, and student apartment resident permits. If multiple permits need to be purchased by one person, the Office of Parking and Transportation should be contacted, and each case will be considered on an individual basis.  Parking permits are the property of the Office of Parking and Transportation.  Ownership is not transferable. Permits are for the exclusive use of the registrant.  Permits may not be sold, exchanged, given away, or purchased from any person or agency other than the Office of Parking and Transportation. Permits may not be reproduced or altered.  Permits must be properly displayed in or on each vehicle. 

Lost permits may be replaced for a fee at the time of loss.  Stolen permits will be replaced at no cost upon presentation of a copy of the police report filed with the University Police Department.  All lost or stolen permits must be reported to the Office of Parking and Transportation. 

Permits may be obtained at the Office of Parking and Transportation, 709 N. Main Street, Normal, Illinois.  Permits are also available for purchase online at Parking.IllinoisState.edu during the permit election period. 

As of August 2001, Federal tax law makes it possible for employers to establish the Pretax Parking Deduction Benefit so that eligible employees who pay for parking by payroll deduction may do so on a pretax basis, subject to certain limitations.  In accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, qualified parking expenses are limited to a maximum amount per month. 

Procedures for the following can be found at Parking.IllinoisState.edu or by following the links. 

  1. Types of Parking Lots/Spaces 
  2. Parking Permit Prices 
  3. Parking Permit Descriptions 
  4. Proper Permit Display
  5. Parking Permit Refunds
  6. Lost/Stolen Permit Replacement 
  7. Parking Citations
  8. Parking Citation and Tow Appeal Procedures
  9. Campus Motorist Assistance Program 

Policy Owner: Parking Services

Contact: Parking Services (309-438-8391)

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