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7.1.6 Receipt and Disbursement of all University Funds


The Comptroller has sole responsibility for collection of all income due the University; for receiving, disbursing, and accounting for all cash; and for establishing systems and procedures for all areas of the University to accomplish these goals. The Internal Auditor will examine the systems established to see that adequate controls and accountability are provided, and will discuss with his or her administrative superior and/or the Comptroller any deficiencies the Auditor may observe. The Auditor will also do such work as he or she deems necessary to verify cash receipts and disbursements. It will be the duty of management and administrators in the various areas to follow the systems and procedures prescribed by the Comptroller.

Initiating body:

Contact: Vice President for Finance and Planning (309-438-2143)

Revised on: 04/17/1975

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